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Is Carson Wentz salvageable?

BGN Radio Episode 159!

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Carson Wentz can’t be fixed in 2020.

This much we know. He might not even take another snap with the Philadelphia Eagles this season since he’s been benched for Jalen Hurts.

But can Wentz be salvaged beyond this year? What exactly does the future hold for him?

Jimmy Kempski and I debated and discussed as much in the latest BGN Radio podcast episode. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream the latest episode below:

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The feeling here is that it’s naive to assume bringing in a new coach and general manager automatically fixes Wentz. It’s possible that that could be the case. And it very might be how the Eagles choose to proceed.

But it’s not a given. Sure, he’ll likely be better than he was this season. That’s not really saying much, though,. What if he recovers but only to the level of being mediocre at best? What if his well-documented stubbornness prevents him from being ideal franchise quarterback to build around?


Is Carson Wentz salvageable?

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Show highlights include ...


  • Jimmy’s reactions to Wentz being replaced by Hurts
  • What we can reasonably expect from Hurts this season
  • How Hurts playing well (or not) impacts the Eagles’ future
  • BLG reacts to everyone saying “Why didn’t you try this sooner?!” after Pederson said he’s going to try to help Hurts with the running game and easy throws
  • What to make of how Eagles players like Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox stood up for Wentz


  • To what extent did the fail Wentz? What percentage of the blame goes on Howie Roseman, Pederson, and then Wentz himself? (Jimmy’s answer about Howie was interesting!)
  • Running through the percentages that we think Roseman, Pederson, and Wentz will be back
  • Can/should the Eagles trade Wentz? Where could he end up?
  • Is Wentz able to be fixed?


  • NFC East PATS record — BLG: 19-20, Jimmy 19-20
  • Eagles straight up pick records — BLG: 8-4, Jimmy: 7-4-1
  • Cowboys (-3.5) at Bengals
  • Cardinals (-1.5) at Giants
  • Football Team at 49ers (-3)
  • Saints (-7) at Eagles

There’s just so much to unpack with the Eagles’ current quarterback situation. In addition to this latest BGN Radio podcast with Jimmy, Benjamin Solak and I gave our more visceral reactions to the Hurts/Wentz news earlier this week:

Shamus Clancy also focused more on his excitement about Hurts:

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