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2021 NFL Draft Order: Eagles move up to six and have a chance to finish even higher

The bright side of being awful!

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

You might not want to hear this but the reality is that the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks was a good thing. It might sting in the short-term but it’s in the Birds’ best interest to keep losing games. Jeffrey Lurie needs to be prompted to clean house. The Eagles also stand to benefit from having a very high pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

On that note, the Eagles are now slated to pick at No. 6 overall. Here’s an updated look at the non-playoff team order via Tankathon:

And here’s a look at the remaining schedules for the Eagles and all of the teams ahead of them in the tank standings:

Remaining schedules for the Eagles’ tanking competition

Week Eagles Chargers Cowboys Bengals Jaguars Jets
Week Eagles Chargers Cowboys Bengals Jaguars Jets
Week 13 at Packers (8-3) vs. Patriots (5-6) at Ravens (6-4) at Dolphins (7-4) at Vikings (5-6) vs. Raiders (6-5)
Week 14 vs. Saints (9-2) vs. Falcons (4-7) at Bengals (2-8-1) vs. Cowboys (3-8) vs. Titans (8-3) at Seahawks (8-3)
Week 15 at Cardinals (6-5) at Raiders (6-5) vs. 49ers (5-6) vs. Steelers (10-0) at Ravens (6-4) at Rams (7-4)
Week 16 at Cowboys (3-8) vs. Broncos (4-7) vs. Eagles (3-7-1) at Texans (4-7) vs. Bears (5-6) vs. Browns (8-3)
Week 17 vs. Football Team (4-7) at Chiefs (10-1) at Giants (4-7) vs. Ravens (6-4) at Colts (7-4) at Patriots (5-6)

Some thoughts:

  • The Eagles aren’t getting a top two pick. The Jets and Jaguars simply aren’t going to be able to win enough to make that happen.
  • The Eagles CAN realistically get as high as No. 3 overall. They need to lose out and see the Joe Burrow-less Bengals pick up a win somehow. Philly has a strength of schedule tiebreaker over Cincy if their records end up being the same.
  • Getting No. 3 would mean the Eagles would have their pick of the top non-quarterback ... or the third quarterback.
  • Need the Eagles to finish higher than the Cowboys. That Week 16 game against Dallas is a must-lose.
  • I think Justin Herbert is good enough to get the Chargers at least one win and maybe even two.
  • Let’s simmer down with this “It doesn’t matter where the Eagles pick, they’ll blow it anyway” stuff. I mean, I get it. That might be true. But the hope is there will be a new general manager making the selection.


If you’re some kinda sicko who actually still cares about the Eagles winning the NFC East (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), this section is included for you. A look at the updated division standings:

1) New York Giants: 4-7
2) Washington Football Team: 4-7
3) Philadelphia Eagles: 3-7-1
4) Dallas Cowboys: 3-8

The Eagles’ playoff odds dropped down to 18.8% by Football Outsiders’ metrics. The Giants have the best chance but methinks Washington is going to win, especially with Daniel Jones now expected to miss some time due to injury.

Remaining NFC East schedules

Week Eagles Cowboys Giants Football Team
Week Eagles Cowboys Giants Football Team
Week 13 at Packers (8-3) at Ravens (6-4) at Seahawks (8-3) at Steelers (10-0)
Week 14 vs. Saints (9-2) at Bengals (2-8-1) vs. Cardinals (6-5) vs. 49ers (5-6)
Week 15 at Cardinals (6-5) vs. 49ers (5-6) vs. Browns (8-3) at Seahawks (8-3)
Week 16 at Cowboys (3-8) vs. Eagles (3-7-1) at Ravens (6-4) vs. Panthers (4-8)
Week 17 vs. Football Team (4-7) at Giants (4-7) vs. Cowboys (3-8) at Eagles (3-7-1)

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