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Jim Schwartz apparently gave D.K. Metcalf extra motivation to go off against the Eagles

Cool, cool.

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

D.K. Metcalf already had plenty of reason to have a great game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. He obviously wanted to help his Seattle Seahawks stay atop the NFC West.

But the star wide receiver apparently received even more motivation from Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Metcalf said the following after Monday’s game:

Q: What’s your mindset going into a game when you know or you feel like you’re going to see a lot of an opposing team’s No. 1 cornerback?

METCALF: I’m happy. I’m getting a little respect. But I’ve still got work to do. One of the defensive coaches came up to me and he kind of made me mad that he was like ‘I was in Detroit with Megatron [former Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson] but you’re not there yet.’ In my mind, I’m not trying to be Megatron. I’m trying to be me. So I had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game.

Q: Was that Jim Schwartz?

METCALF: Ah, yessir.

Schwartz declines to address media immediately after games but Eagles PR was quick to issue his perspective after seeing Metcalf’s comments make the rounds.

Regardless of Schwartz’s intention, Metcalf clearly took his comments as a slight. From his official Twitter account:

We’ve seen Metcalf go off against the Eagles before so it’s probably not like Schwartz’s comments actually made a big difference.

And Schwartz’s defense actually played relatively well for the second week in a row. Philly gave up 23 points to a Seattle team that entered Week 12 leading the NFL in offensive points per game (31.6). Six of the points surrendered came off two turnovers on downs in Eagles territory.

Still, probably would’ve been best for Schwartz to not say anything to Metcalf. Bad look for him and just another embarrassing layer to the mess that is the Eagles’ 2020 season.

Anyway, really cool that the Eagles passed on Metcalf three times in the 2019 NFL Draft and took J.J. Arcega-Whiteside instead.

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