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Report: Eagles still interested in having Josh McCown on their coaching staff after he retires

Reunion down the line?

NFL: DEC 22 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Eagles unexpectedly lost Josh McCown this week with the Houston Texans signing the 41-year-old quarterback away from Philadelphia’s practice squad. Adding to the surprise is that the Texans signed him to a two-year (well, 1.5-year at this point) contract.

NFL insider Jason La Canfora offered more insight on the situation in Houston:

The Houston Texans expect to have veteran quarterback Josh McCown around for more than this just this season, sources said, with the beloved veteran identified as someone who could help change the culture there and be a sounding board for Deshaun Watson during a trying time in the organization.

The 41-year old quarterback, who has been interacting remotely with the Eagles and their quarterback, Carson Wentz, as a member of the team’s practice squad, signed a two-year deal to join the Texans active roster, league sources said, with Texans executive Jack Easterby identifying McCown as someone who could help change the vibes inside that facility in the aftermath of firing coach/general manager Bill O’Brien.

Of interest to Eagles fans, La Canfora said that McCown ...

“agonized over taking the Texans contract, despite it being for multiple years and with the opportunity to be near his Texas home and be back in a locker room and practicing without having to leave his family.”

But just because McCown is gone doesn’t mean he’ll never be returning to Philly. La Canfora notes that the organization still has interest adding him to their coaching staff down the line.

McCown remains very much on the Eagles’ radar as a potential quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator soon after he retires, sources said, and they are among a handful of teams that believe McCown will be an NFL head coach within three-to-five years of retiring as a player.

The Eagles reportedly discussed adding McCown to their coaching staff following the 2019 season — and “possibly as offensive coordinator” — but he clearly wasn’t ready to retire as a player.

With McCown now signed with the Texans through 2021, it looks like he won’t be returning to Philly until 2022 at the earliest. And the Texans could have an advantage of adding him to their coaching staff instead if they’re interested in doing so at that point.

One can look at Carson Wentz’s struggles this year and wonder just how valuable it was employing McCown as a virtual member of the team. But after watching All or Nothing’s behind the scene look at the Eagles, I can’t help but feel having McCown around as a hands-on influence is a good idea. There was only so much he could contribute via Zoom meetings.

Maybe the Eagles will have an opportunity to bring him back in the future. For now, McCown’s found a new home with the Texans.

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