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Report: Jeffrey Lurie gave directive to play Jalen Hurts if Carson Wentz struggles

Green light for QB change?

Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie appears to be the driving force behind Jalen Hurts seeing an increased role as a quarterback in the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense. At least, that’s what this report from Adam Caplan of Inside The Birds indicates:

This report makes sense in the wake of Lurie reportedly being frustrated with the team. He clearly wants to see some changes.

The report also makes sense from a power perspective. We’ve previously talked about how Carson Wentz has a lot of control and we’ve wondered if Doug Pederson truly has the authority to bench the Eagles’ starting quarterback. Assuming this report is true, it appears he was not able to make that call without the owner’s blessing.

To be clear, this report isn’t claiming that Wentz has been benched. He’s fully expected to start against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.

But that the Eagles are taking away some of Wentz’s snaps indicates a full-time change is closer than not.

More discussion on the Eagles’ quarterback situation via this pregame report from NFL insider Mike Garafolo:

And as Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday, that will be the case: Hurts on the field while Wentz is not on the field. They’ve had those two together on the field [previously]. But now you’re going to see Hurts come in and be a quarterback. And a quarterback who’s a dual threat. Right now, when he’s in the game, he’s pretty much run the ball. It’s been some kind of wildcat-type thing.

The point here for the Eagles doing this, according sources I have spoken to, is to keep the defense guessing. To open up the possibility of him throwing the ball and not takign away one of those receiver spots by having Wentz out there. They are ADAMANT that Carson Wentz is not getting benched.

But, look, if Wentz plays well, then we’ll see more of Wentz. And he’ll continue to have a hold on his job. But if Hurts plays well, we’ll probably see more of Hurts.

The question of how much Carson Wentz we’re going to see lies, for the most part, in Carson Wentz’s hands.

Lol. Look, I know people are frustrated with the coaching staff, and rightfully so. But I have a hard time believing they’re so dumb that they didn’t think Hurts was allowed to throw more often. Or that having Wentz lined up out wide was a waste.

Methinks this purported reasoning is being used to deflect from the real reason that Hurts is in line to see playing time ... because Wentz is really struggling.

For a game that lacks intrigue in the sense that the Eagles are expected to lose, it’ll be very interesting to see how the Eagles handle their quarterback position on Monday night. If Wentz plays poorly against the NFL’s worst passing defense, apparently the green light is on for him to be replaced.

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