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This Eagles season deserves a Seahawks game

They’re usually awful

Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia Eagles - December 5, 2005 Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

The Eagles miserable season continues tonight against the Seahawks, a team that they seem to run into and over by whenever a season is going poorly. Not every miserable Eagles season features a miserable Seahawks game, but every miserable Seahawks game features a miserable season. Let’s take a painful trip down memory lane, there will be no apology.

2011: The Vince Young Game

When a game has its own name, it is bad for someone, and that someone was the Eagles and their fans. Young threw 4 interceptions on just 29 attempts in this Thursday Night matchup of 4-7 teams. The Eagles scored 14 points, but Young accounted for 17 for the Seahawks: a pick six and the Seattle scored 10 points off of two of the others.

2007: The other 4 INT game

Yes, that’s right, Vince Young wasn’t even the first Eagles QB to throw 4 interceptions against the Seahawks. He wasn’t even the first Andy Reid backup QB to do so. Starting in place of an injured Donovan McNabb, AJ Feeley had his own 4 INT game, though at least none of them were returned for a TD, and it took him 42 attempts to achieve it. But Feeley’s INTs were no less killer: two of them came in Seahawks territory in a scoreless 4th quarter, including one in the red zone with 23 seconds to play, the Eagles lost 28-24.

2005: Mike McMahon’s worst game

aka Shamus’s favorite game

Any game with Mike McMahon is a stinker, but this was a career low. McMahon lasted just 10 attempts, but his 21.2 passer rating was his worst mark in his career as a starter. McMahon threw two pick sixes and got another possession before being benched for Koy Detmer. Detmer was significantly better in that his two interceptions weren’t for touchdowns, but his 23.2 passer rating was equally as dismal. For added misery a Ryan Moats fumble was returned for a touchdown by Seattle.

1998: The beginning of the end of the Ray Rhodes era

The 1997 Eagles stunk, going 6-9-1 and churning through three starting QBs. But they finished relatively strong, going 2-3-1 to finish the year with Bobby Hoying as the starter, who threw 10 TD to 6 INT with a passer rating of 82.6, which prorated over 16 games would have been 14th in passer rating and 5th in TDs. It’s easy to look back now and laugh, but entering the year Hoying was seen as a guy that maybe the Eagles could build on, similar to Gardner Minshew for the Jaguars this year.

It fell apart immediately in 1998. Hoying went 9 for 23 and was sacked 9 times as the Eagles lost 38-0. He never threw a touchdown for the rest of his career, unless you want to count the pick six he threw.

The Honorable Mentions

Even non-miserable seasons have instantly forgettable games against Seattle.

2019: Carson Wentz is knocked out on a hit from behind by Jadeveon Clowney in the playoffs; in the regular season the Eagles turn the ball over five times, both games are lost 17-9.

2016: Nelson Agholor doesn’t line up properly and wipes out a 57 yard Zach Ertz touchdown that would have given the Eagles a 14-13 lead, from there the game fell apart and the Eagles lost 26-15.

2014: The Eagles began a three game losing streak that eliminated them from the playoffs with a limp performance, getting outgained 440 to 139 in a 24-14 loss.

1995: The Eagles sacked Rick Mirer five times, held him to 169 yards on 30 attempts and kept him out of the end zone while Ricky Watters scored twice… and lost 26-14. Seahawks kicker Todd Peterson scored 14 of his own points including four field goals from 35 yards or more, meanwhile Eagles kicker Gary Anderson missed a 32 yarder. In a dome.

1986: In his second game taking over full time as the starter, Randall Cunningham was sacked 9 times as the Eagles fell 24-20.

If you want to skip tonight’s game, go ahead.

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