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Eagles vs. Browns: 3 winners, 11 losers, and 6 I don’t knows

We’re all losers for continuing to watch this team.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Cleveland Browns, 22 to 17. The game wasn’t even as close as the score indicates. With BGN’s Benajmin Solak writing a longer piece on the Eagles’ outlook, I’m taking over W-L-IDK duty this week. Here we go.



Didn’t look great but beat the Eagles to advance to 7-3. Might make the playoffs for the first time since 2002! Under the guidance of former Eagles front office executive Andrew Berry.


The New York Giants enjoyed seeing the Eagles lose while resting on their bye. The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team both won. Barring a tie, either Dallas or Washington will be first in the division after their Thanksgiving matchup. They could very well maintain that position through Week 12 with Philly facing the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football.


Who the heck wants to see this Eagles team play an extra game this season? Miss the playoffs and get a better draft pick.



They’re 3-6-1 after losing to the Browns. They have no hope in the short-term and the long-term.


I actually thought the Eagles would win today (albeit in unimpressive fashion). Lol.


Look, I’m very thankful to have my job. There are many great aspects to it! But watching this team is a miserable experience right now. I honestly just don’t even want to think about them. It’s exhausting. Trying to sort through this crap-show is no fun. This season is weighing on me like I’m laying down and there’s a giant anvil on my chest. It’s awful. To be clear, no one should feel bad for me. Just venting for the sake of my mental health here. I’m sure it’s no easier for many of you and I’m sorry that we’re going through this. it sucks!


He built the second most expensive roster in the NFL and it stinks out loud. He’s one of the biggest reasons why the Eagles are in this mess. I can’t see how he can be trusted to fix it.


Wentz’s previous single-season high for interceptions was 14 as a rookie. He now has 14 in 10 games this season. He’s been dreadful. As we regularly point out, he hasn’t had adequate help. But the way he’s playing is absolutely bench-worthy. The way I see it, there are two big reasons why Wentz should be replaced: 1) seeing how he responds to being held accountable and 2) seeing just how much the quarterback position is truly to blame for the Eagles’ offensive struggles. Need to see Wentz benched before Pederson is forced to give up play-calling duties. I know they’re stuck with his contract but I don’t care. Let’s see what Hurts can do. How can he be good enough to select at No. 53 but not good enough to replace Wentz right now?


The Eagles have converted just two of their last 21 first downs. I mean, come on. The offense is flat out broken. Pederson should bench Wentz but he likely doesn’t even have the power to do that, so that’s great.


Remember when he forced the Eagles to give him a raise to play left tackle? Good times. The soon-to-be 39-year-old got smoked in this game. Things would’ve been even worse if Myles Garrett didn’t have to miss this one. Jordan Mailata needs to be playing at left tackle.


Here’s how the Eagles have used Jeffery’s roster spot this season. Week 1 through Week 9 (bye included): Inactive. Week 10 through Week 11: three targets, zero catches, one drop, one interception while targeted. Great call by the team to not put him on PUP! Really worth the wait.


I was mistakenly high on Maddox heading into this season. Not unlike the Eagles, I thought he could actually handle being a starter on the outside. He clearly cannot. Got torched today. Still think he’s talented enough to fit on the defense in some kind of role, maybe back in the slot or at safety. But maybe not!


Derek Barnett’s fourth career blocked kick was a positive. But Greg Ward failing to field a punt for the second week in a row pinned the Eagles back at their own 2-yard line and led to a safety. The Eagles also gave up 30 yards on the free kick return and 12 yards on another Donovan Peoples-Jones return. Michael Jacquet failed to down a quality Cameron Johnston punt at the 1-yard line. Special teams has been really bad recently and it hasn’t been a strength in forever. Time for a new coordinator.


Finally active for an NFL game and Nick Chubb embarrasses him with a monster stiff-arm. Poor Joey O.



Dick Rod’s been a real efficient target this season. Two receptions for 48 yards and a touchdown on his only two targets today. It’s absolutely not a good thing that he’s second on the team in receiving, though. That’s a serious indictment. Rodgers’ blown block also contribuetd to Wentz’s pick-six.


Considered putting them in the winners section but they did give up two scoring drives immediately after the Eagles scored their own points. Also gave up some big plays. On the bright side, they did only allow 13 offensive points and generated a turnover that set up the Eagles’ only non-garbage time touchdown (Dick Rod’s 19-yard touchdown reception). The defense certainly did more to win the game than the offense.


That forced-fumble was big time. Beat Wyatt Teller, who has been Pro Football Focus’s No. 1 guard this season, to strip-sack Baker Mayfield and set the Eagles’ offense up with seven points. We haven’t seen elite Cox enough over the past two years but he came up big in that moment. Cox had to leave the game early.


Still question his coverage abilities but the man can stuff a stat sheet. 12 total tackles, eight solo, one sack, one tackle for loss, one quarterback hit, one fumble recovery. Important to note he turns 27 soon so it’s not like he’s this super young prospect.


Logged a sack and a quarterback hit! First ones in those categories since Week 4. Also had two tackles for loss. Could’ve had another sack if he didn’t lose track of Baker Mayfield keeping the ball on a rollout.


Lurie deserves to be in the loser section if massive changes aren’t on the table, as his childhood friend Joe Banner recently suggested. I’ll put him in the IDK section with the hope that he’s watching this team and realizing that he needs to shake things up in a big way.

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