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Doug Pederson cites missing stability around Carson Wentz as the difference in production

Plus, the Eagles head coach talks Travis Fulgham and T.J. Edwards.

The head coach called in to 94 WIP to talk to Angelo Cataldi about last night’s win over the Cowboys. Pederson was clearly excited, and cited several things to be happy about — the defense playing lights out, Fletcher Cox getting “50 and a half sacks”, and special teams —, but knew that he was about to be grilled about the uneven (at best) offensive performance.

Cataldi asked Pederson what was going on with Carson Wentz, and the head coach explained:

“I look back to ‘17, right, 2017, and I know everybody — and probably you included — we compare to 17 when he had an MVP type season. And, I can honestly tell you, if there’s a common denominator, we had stability around Carson Wentz. We had three receivers, three tight ends, running backs — we didn’t have the moving parts we’ve had last year, already in the first part of this season, you know, different offensive line changes. We had stability, and as an offense, we had continuity, right? So, that to me has been probably the biggest different between then and now.”

Pederson went on to say that they’re holding things together and the guys who are available are battling their tales off — and they have to continue doing so until they get some guys back from injury.

He was also asked about Wentz’s turnovers issues, and admitted it’s frustrating — but, on Sunday night after the game, Pederson confirmed there was never a conversations about benching the QB.

“He has to do better there. He has to protect the ball — he knows that, we know that. And, that is a frustrating thing.”

The head coach went on to explain that until they get guys back, he doesn’t think they can just go out and dominate, and so protecting the ball has to be a priority. He further noted that it’s often pointed at the quarterback, but when they’re evaluating the ball security issues they’ve had this season, they have to look at the big picture too and all the parts involved (protection, routes, play calling, etc...).

Speaking of play calling, Pederson said he didn’t regret any of the 4th down attempts, and that he doesn’t focus as much on the other team as he does the Eagles, and what they might need in that moment — like, putting the team in situations that they are prepared for and can execute in critical moments.

On T.J. Edwards

“It was great to get him back. This guy, gosh, young player, we’re excited about him. He’s smart, he gets the defense lined up, he’s a special teams player/contributor. I just think this guys definitely got a bright future, and can play a long time in this league, and for us. So, I’m excited about him.”

On Travis Fulgham

“Travis has been a really, a good bright spot for us on offense, and he’s big, he’s powerful, made a couple — I mean, the touchdown catch, the early go-ball to lead to the first touchdown was a thing of beauty. There’s just some things — he’s continuing to get better with the offense, he and Carson are getting more familiar and comfortable with one another.”

Other notables

  • Pederson agreed that there’s a chance that we see more Jalen Hurts passing plays in the future — he ran an RPO against Dallas, made the right read and executed, which is something they can build on.
  • The head coach also walked through the schedule for the team during the bye week, explaining that he likes the guys to get in for a lift on Monday to get their body recovered from Sunday, Tuesday is Election Day so they’ll have the day off, and Wednesday they’ll be back for some film work. By league rules, he has to give the guys Thursday through Sunday off — and same goes for coaches.

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