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Eagles News: Carson Wentz draws Jameis Winston comparisons

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/2/20.

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Week 8: Steelers Stay Perfect, Sit Atop Midseason Power Rankings - FMIA
22. Philadelphia (15th, 3-4-1). Did you know that in four starts this year, Mitchell Trubisky has turned it over three times, and that in eight starts, Carson Wentz has turned it over 16 times? Sixteen turnovers at midseason. It’s positively Jameis-like. The Eagles should win the worst division in recent history, and probably easily. But that won’t mean Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman will feel great about Wentz heading into 2021. No very good quarterback has regressed like Wentz has this year, and the Eagles won’t be a good team until they can fix what ails him.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Cowboys game - PhillyVoice
Wentz has committed at least one turnover so far in every game, and he now has 16 on the season. That puts him on pace for 32 turnovers this season, or one fewer than Jameis Winston infamously had in 2019. And there’s really nothing unlucky about them. They have mostly been well-earned, via inaccurate throws, bad decision-making, or simply carelessness with the football. When exactly will the turnovers stop?

Roob’s instant observations from Eagles’ ugly win over Cowboys - NBCSP
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Carson Wentz goes out and does this. Two interceptions, two fumbles, countless brutal decisions. Think about this: The Cowboys had forced three turnovers ALL YEAR. Wentz committed four before the third quarter was three minutes old. He became the first QB since Jameis Winston in 2016 with four turnovers against the Cowboys and only the fourth since 2000. Yeah, he made some throws on that game-winning drive, good for him. But I’m tired of writing about how Wentz overcame a brutal start to rally the Eagles to a win. Do that against the Ravens or Steelers and I’ll be impressed. Against the Giants? Against the Cowboys??? Please. He’s ranged from brutal to mediocre this year, and this one was squarely in the brutal category. This was as bad as he’s ever played for a full game, and that last TD drive doesn’t change that.

Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 8: 13 winners, losers, and I dunnos - BGN
Carson Wentz. Inarguably the worst game of Wentz’s season. Never has Wentz been a greater liability to his team than he was against the Cowboys, turning the ball over four times to an effete defense, panicking at the simplest of reads, and failing to account for his awful play with the usual accompanying high value plays. Wentz’s only impressive throws against Dallas were vertical contested catches to Fulgham, that say more to the trust he has in Fulgham’s talent, and the coaching staff’s inability to create any throwing windows on actual route concepts, than any particular accuracy or playmaking from Wentz. The Eagles have escaped bad Wentz play against the Giants and Niners, and to a lesser extent the Bengals, while wasting some of his better games against the Steelers and Ravens with defensive struggles. Their record could be a lot of different things right now, but one thing is for sure: their quarterback play would have led to a loss against most teams tonight. Thank goodness it was just Dallas.

The Kist & Solak Show #205: For Whatever Reason, the Eagles Won - BGN Radio
Michael Kist & Benjamin Solak recap the Eagles win over the Cowboys in prime time that didn’t really feel like a win for anybody! Yay! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

U.G.L.Y. - Iggles Blitz
It felt like Doug and Carson wanted big plays early and were going to be aggressive in going after them. I understand that thinking, but once it became clear that Dallas couldn’t sustain drives, the Eagles should have gone to a more conservative approach. Run the ball, throw short passes and punt if you have to. This was not the week for hero ball. Unfortunately Wentz didn’t get that memo and Pederson struggled to deliver the right message during the game. It is infuriating that Wentz is a turnover machine in a year that his team is so beat up and desperate for him to play smart. Pederson said after the game that he never considered benching Wentz. We’ll get into that subject during the coming week.

Eagles overcome errors vs. Cowboys, gain foothold for NFC East playoff spot - The Athletic
Evaluating Wentz: It was a discouraging performance for the Eagles’ franchise quarterback. He had four turnovers, made poor decisions, held on to the ball too long and was a liability in the first half. Wentz finished 15-of-27 for 123 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, 17 rushing yards and two lost fumbles. His 61.2 passer rating was his second worst of the season. He now has 16 turnovers this season. His poor performance cannot be blamed on the offensive line or the other skill players. Wentz is in his fifth year and must play better than he did Sunday — and throughout 2020. He had improved in recent starts, but this effort brought him back to the early-season doldrums. The inconsistency is maddening for a player of Wentz’s caliber and importance to the team. He must improve during the second half of the season.

Carson Wentz was bad, Cowboys worse in key divisional win for Eagles - ESPN
QB breakdown: Wentz finished 15-of-27 for 123 yards with two touchdowns, two interceptions and two fumbles lost. Some of his decision-making is simply unacceptable for a fifth-year quarterback. Like holding onto the ball midway through the first quarter as Donovan Wilson closed in on him and ultimately forced a fumble; or on his first interception — a forced pass into the end zone with a pair of defenders flanking wide receiver Jalen Reagor. It was Wentz’s 10th career pick on a ball thrown into the end zone. That is tied with Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger for second most in the NFL since Wentz entered the league in 2016. Only Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers (11) has more in that span.

Carson Wentz or Doug Pederson: Who’s the Eagles’ biggest problem? - Inquirer
Wentz’s early struggles have been a season-long problem. But Pederson hasn’t done enough to help his quarterback. His play-calling has been inconsistent, his decision-making hesitant. The second fumble came after a late decision to go for it on fourth-and-3. By the time the huddle broke, there were 7 seconds left on the play clock and Wentz seemingly rushed the snap. A series later, the Eagles faced third-and-6. They had four receivers on the field and the Cowboys called timeout. Pederson countered with two-tight-end personnel and called a trick play in which Corey Clement flipped to Greg Ward, who appeared set to throw back to Wentz, à la “Philly Special.” But Dallas shaded Wentz over top and Ward was dropped short of the marker. After Wentz’s first interception, Pederson rolled the dice again on fourth-and-1 at the Cowboys’ 44. Wentz had previously converted a third-and-1 with a sneak, and Boston Scott had rushed for a career-high 63 yards up until that point. But Pederson went to the air and a timing route to Fulgham that wasn’t completed on time.

Defense rises to the moment to stifle Cowboys, 23-9 -
The defense rose to the occasion on a night when the offense just didn’t have much good going on, especially Wentz. The fifth-year quarterback threw two interceptions, one in the end zone at the end of the first half into double coverage and one on a deep ball in the third quarter when the wind seemed to get a hold of a throw intended for wide receiver John Hightower, and he had the first-quarter giveaway on the fumble and another one on a fourth-down play when Dallas blitzed and got to him quickly. The Eagles survived against a bad Dallas (2-6) team with four giveaways. They won’t be able to have that kind of sloppiness and win moving forward against the good teams on their schedule in the second half of the season, so there is a lot to clean up.

‘Right place, right time’: Rodney McLeod, T.J. Edwards help Eagles seal win over Cowboys on wild defensive touchdown - PennLive
But he was worried that once he reached the north end zone at the Linc that he would have to trek back to the other side of the field to defend the Cowboys offense. That was because linebacker Duke Riley appeared to step offside when Dallas snapped the ball, which would have drawn a 5-yard penalty and negated the wild play that ended in McLeod’s second career touchdown. “The ball was there, I scooped it up, I’m running,” McLeod said postgame. “I’m honestly thinking, we’re probably gonna have to come back and defend them in the red zone, but I looked and I see touchdown. Man, I just — yeah, it was just my time. Right place, right time.”

NFL Leaders in Salary on Injured Lists - Over The Cap
There team most hurt by injuries is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have 30% of their salary cap sitting on reserve with just under 29% of the their total contract value sitting on the sidelines. Both are NFL highs. While Dallas is certainly having a disappointing year injuries are playing a big role. [...] The Bengals have 19% of their roster value on IR and 17% of their cap value on IR while the Eagles are 4th in the NFL with $4M in contract value on IR but their roster value is so high it only makes up 18%, which puts them at 6th.

Five winners and five losers from the Cowboys Sunday night loss to the Eagles - Blogging The Boys
This was to be expected, and unfortunately there was no miracle performance to avoid it. Ben DiNucci was very bad on Sunday night in Philadelphia. Honestly speaking though, what did you expect? The Nooch is a rookie, seventh-round pick, playing quarterback in Week 8 of his first year in the NFL, which just so happens to be the most challenging position from a preparation (and many other obviously) standpoint. This is, of course, not to mention that his offensive line is hardly the one that others playing the position have had (they did hold up fairly well though as mentioned). Still though, some of the mistakes that DiNucci made were more than just rookie warts. The game happens quickly as is always said, but mental errors can mount and cause you harm down the road. The quarterback is hardly the only reason that the team lost, but he is part of the collective mess.

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 8 - The Ringer
Sadly, though, DiNucci lacked both the throwing skills and the processing speed to run the Cowboys offense. He was clearly overwhelmed by the speed and tenacity of the Eagles’ pass rush, dropping 48 yards on four sacks while losing two fumbles, one of which was returned for a touchdown. On the plays in which he actually managed to figure out what was happening, he missed a lot of throws. He did throw a cool sidearm pass that swerved in mid-air like a bullet in Wanted. Unfortunately, he was throwing to a guy who was already out of bounds, and he missed.

Report: Ryan Kerrigan wants out of DC - Hogs Haven
A lot of fans have argued in the past about the rightness or wrongness of trading Kerrigan. Some fans take the sentimental view that Kerrigan was drafted by Washington, and he should play his entire career here and retire in a bugundy and gold uniform. Others have opined that the best thing the organization could do for Kerrigan is to trade him to a contender that would use him more than Jack Del Rio does — a team lacking Washington’s pass rushing depth. Some pragmatic fans have said that it makes sense to trade the aging DE while he still has value.

Jason Pierre-Paul still terrorizing quarterbacks, proving Giants wrong - Big Blue View
The Giants turned that third-round pick into B.J. Hill and the fourth-rounder into Kyle Lauletta. Pierre-Paul, though, has blown up all of the pre-conceived notions and made the deal look awful for the Giants. A backup defensive tackle and a quarterback who never completed a pass before speeding out of town in return for a guy who has had 26.5 sacks in 33 games since the trade despite overcoming yet another career-threatening injury suffered away from the football field, this time a fractured neck sustained in a 2019 car accident? That’s pretty one-sided in favor of the Bucs.

Bears need more from QB Nick Foles as offense collapses around him - Chicago Sun Times
Foles isn’t helping with his throw-first-check-the-coverage-later approach, and his 77.6 passer rating is about 10 points worse than what got Mitch Trubisky benched. Foles has outdone Trubisky in completion percentage (64.1 to 59.3), but he is second-to-last in yards per pass (5.9). Foles hasn’t played anywhere near as well as he did in his best seasons with the Eagles, but those teams had everything the Bears lack.

Bears-Saints fight erupted after Javon Wims threw a helmet punch - SB Nation
Chicago Bears wide receiver Javon Wims was ejected after punching New Orleans Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in the helmet during the third quarter of the teams’ Week 8 matchup. The two teams scuffled at mid-field after the incident before the officials broke it up and tossed Wims. After a second down play, Wims charged at Gardner-Johnson from the other side of the field and threw a pair of punches at his head. You can watch the sequence here.


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