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Eagles vs. Giants Week 10: 15 winners, losers, and I dunnos

How bad can it get? Even worse, apparently.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images


The New York Giants

Do you know how bad you have to be to lose the Giants under Daniel Jones? You have to be the Washington Football Team level of bad — wait, I’m getting word that the Eagles have also lost to the Washington Football Team.

Well, there you go.

Nate Gerry

Turns out Nate Gerry is still the best linebacker the Eagles have on their roster? Probably not, but while he doesn’t make many impact plays, the Eagles don’t have any more impressive alternatives.


Jeffrey Lurie

This is our first time dropping the owner’s name anywhere in this column, but it feels appropriate. The Eagles are 2-2 against the worst division in the last forever and just lost a critical game out of a bye week against a measurably inferior opponent. They continue to be weak in the same areas in which they’ve been weak for multiple years, and the glue that held things together in seasons past is finally giving.

As such, the Eagles’ latest implosion is an exercise in tracking the buck and asking where it stops. Why was Jason Peters playing left tackle when he was signed to play guard, a position at which the Eagles desperately needed better play? Why has whatever inexplicable dichotomy between Howie Roseman and Jim Schwartz led to the steady bleeding of defensive talent over the last four seasons? Why was Alshon Jeffery activated?

You can point to Doug and Howie and Schwartz for all of these issues, and rightfully so — but that buck stops with Lurie, who fired the Eagles’ lame-duck offensive coordinator last year to no avail, and now must make a more substantive move between those three spearheads. You cannot continue to entertain this balance of units between Pederson and Schwartz, as the Eagles simply do not have their offense and defense play well at the same time. You cannot continue to give Roseman the freedom to aggressively extend veteran deals for an offense that is groaning for young talent. The buck stops with Lurie, and it’s time for him to make a change.

Doug Pederson

Worst Pederson game I can remember. Didn’t take some fourth downs he should have, didn’t call plays on third down to set up fourth down, made a wanton decision to go for a 2-point conversion down 4, and most importantly, brought a flat, unchanged, uninspired, rusty team out of the bye week for the fourth time in his career.

Isn’t he pissed? Isn’t he tired of this? Doesn’t he want his job to be easier? The offense is panicky, afraid of its own quarterback, dedicated to Richard Rodgers and Greg Ward while Travis Fulgham and Dallas Goedert fall useless to the wayside. Pederson has failed to integrate any new ideas into the offense and regularly limits the existing offense with a the caricuture of freshness and ingenuity that is a Jalen Hurts power read. This is an aimless coaching staff.

Sua Opeta/Matt Pryor

Neither are rosterable

Jason Kelce

I could have picked better weeks for Jason Kelce to forget how to snap. While no missed shotgun snap ended in a turnover, they killed multiple drives, forcing sacks and fruitless runs. Kelce is the leader of the team and failed them in the basic, critical sense repeatedly in a must-win game for their fading playoff hopes.

Fletcher Cox/Malik Jackson/Javon Hargrave

Speaking of leaders and their failures, BLG loves to remind us how much money the Eagles have poured into their defensive front, and appropriately so. The Birds are paying more to defensive tackles than anyone else in the league, and for it, they’re getting poor play. The Eagles got smashed in the mouth repeated by an offensive line largely starting backups and two depth chart running backs, as their defensive line simply could not win the battle in the trenches. But congrats to Fletch on his Hail Mary sack to end the first half.

Jalen Hurts

Sorry Jalen. Love you, but I hope I never see you again unless it’s as the actual quarterback of this team.

Alshon Jeffery

On the roster for 10 weeks, finally active, and his impact on the passing game was exactly that if he had been IR’ed for the season — or better yet, traded away for literally anything. It is a joke that he remains a piece of weekly news.

Avonte Maddox

More mercy for Maddox than for others in our loser column, as he’s being asked to do something no cogent coaching staff would ask of him: play outside corner at one of the most significant height/length disadvantages of any defensive back in the league. Maddox is a slot corner playing outside with no safety help — not because of injury, but because that’s exactly what the defensive coordinator wanted from him coming into the season.

With that said, Maddox has gotta just start committing DPI at the catch point and hoping it doesn’t get called. Praying for an inaccurate pass from an ineffectual trail technique is just laughable at this point.

Davion Taylor

He took some snaps this week on defense! Can’t remember a good one, but he did.

Dave Fipp

The Eagles’ special teams has been reprehensible all year. Both Greg Ward and Jalen Reagor allowed punts that should have been fielded to bounce inside of the 10, while a big Giants punt return allowed for a potential field goal attempt to end the first half. The Eagles weren’t playing well on both sides of the football anyway, but they could have used some more help from the third, hidden phase.

I Dunnos

Jim Schwartz

I dunno why you’d let Jim Schwartz keep his job after this season. Name a defensive player who has developed under his tutelage; a free agent investment that has seen good return on the dollar. You can think of some late-round draft picks and some cheap free agents, but none of their big money acquisitions or moves have paid off. The only games in which the defense delivers are games in which their defensive line dominates, and they paid league-leading money to get that defense line. There is nothing on which Schwartz can hang his hat, and there probably hasn’t been for a while.

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