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Doug Pederson said Carson Wentz played well overall against the Giants

But, the Eagles’ head coach admitted they’d like some throws back that weren’t very accurate.

The Eagles lost to the Giants on Sunday for the first time in YEARS. Head coach Doug Pederson spoke to reporters after the loss about some of their issues on 3rd downs, his play calling decisions, and whether their week in intensive COVID protocols affected things.

Pederson was asked about Carson Wentz’s performance and he said that the QB played “Okay. Played good.” but noted that there were some throws they’d like to get back from the standpoint of accuracy. Wentz managed the run game, and they just have to continue to work with him and the young skill players to get on the same page.

“Overall, I think he played well.”

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On not converting 3rd downs

“Too many 3rd and longs, it’s hard to overcome.”

The Eagles were 0-for-9 on 3rd downs, but it was pointed out that the first few misses were on 3rd-and-1 and 3rd-and-2. Pederson said that they have to execute better, but he needs to review the film to see where the execution breakdown was before being able to explain why.

On play calling

  • Pederson talked about going for it on 4th-and-10, and he explained that the decision not to kick it was based on it being a little too far and into the win. Targeting Jalen Reagor on that play was part of the progression, and they thought they had an opportunity there, but he’ll need to review the film.
  • On going for 2 after the second touchdown, Pederson said that he trusts his guys upstairs, they had just converted one before, and they felt good with the play call. If they go for 2 and make it, a field goal can go on and win it — and it you don’t make it, you at least know what you need to do to win.
  • As far as the slow (and bad) start, Pederson said that it takes everybody to say “enough is enough” and change things. They’ve been plagued by injury but there’s still a lot of pride in the locker room. The head coach said he’s mad, the players are mad, but they have an opportunity to get it fixed next week.

On what happened

Pederson said that energy-wise he felt like the guys were ready to go. He’s disappointed in how things turned out, and he took responsibility for it.

“It’s on me, that we played the way we did today.”

He said it’s difficult without fans, but both teams have to deal with that and they can’t make excuses. They have to stop shooting themselves in the foot — and the head coach emphasized that all three phases had a hand in the loss on Sunday

When asked if being in the intensive COVID-19 protocol this week affected things, Pederson very quickly and succinctly replied, “No.”

Other notables

  • Pederson confirmed that Nate Herbig sustained a little hand injury during the week in practice, but they felt comfortable putting Sua Opeta into the lineup. He said that they put what they felt was the best five guys on the line.
  • The head coach was asked about Alshon Jeffery’s performance in his return to the field on Sunday, and (again) needed to review the film, but it was exciting to get him back and they can continue to build on his role.

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