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Eagles fan confidence increases heading into the second Giants game

SB Nation Reacts update.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles enjoyed one of their most successful weeks of the 2020 NFL season by not even playing last Sunday. The Birds actually gained ground in the NFC East and they managed to get good news on the injury front. As such, SB Nation Reacts polling data shows fan confidence increased from 24% to 31%:

While I do think there are reasons for optimism about the Eagles’ second half, I also think distance from the team’s last game factors into the confidence boost. It’s easier to feel hopeful when how awful they previously looked isn’t as fresh in your mind.

The Eagles can further boost fan confidence by getting a win this weekend and advancing to 4-4-1.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Eagles’ Week 10 opponent actually leads the division in fan confidence rating. The New York Giants are all the way up at 74% despite their 2-7 record:

The bar for “success” has clearly been lowered in North Jersey but Giants fans do have some reason to feel encouraged about how this season has gone. The team is fighting hard for Joe Judge. A win over the Eagles would probably have fans feeling great considering their last one came back in 2016.

The Washington Football Team saw a decrease in fan confidence following their Week 9 loss to the Giants. They dropped from 67% to 61%:

Alex Smith is set to make his first start since the 2018 season against the Detroit Lions this week. A win keeps Washington alive for the division crown.

The Dallas Cowboys almost pulled off a big upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. No surprise to see their fan confidence shoot up from 12% to 27%:

The Dallas defense has been more respectable in recent weeks and there’s some hope that Garrett Gilbert might be at least a competent quarterback. Cowboys fans likely prefer more games like this where the players fight hard but the team still loses so they can get a high draft pick.

The Cowboys will return from their Week 10 bye to face the Minnesota Vikings in Week 11.

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