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Brian Westbrook chimes in on the Eagles season and how they can improve

BGN Radio Special!

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia Eagles

In preparation for the Philadelphia Eagles divisional showdown with the New York Giants, former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook joined BGN to talk about how things have gone this season and how the Eagles can improve.

The following are Westbrook’s thoughts as he gave them on our BGN Radio Special where we talked about a wide range of topics. Shout out to the Crown Royal Water Break for making this possible!

In handling outside noise...

“If you’re a player and you’re focused on dealing with what the people on the outside are talking about then you’re doing the wrong thing... To me, if you’re 3-4-1, your sole focus is how to I be better? How to I perfect my craft?

... If you guys were 8-0, people would be talking about you in a positive light, and you shouldn’t be listening to that either because that’s how you end up losing games...”

What goes on during the bye...

“The most important thing... is the self-scouting. The self-scouting is not just watching the film and saying ‘okay we got to correct these things’. Self-scouting is much bigger than that... saying ‘okay what are my tendences’... ‘what are the keys we’re giving off to the defense so that they’re clueing in on some of our plays’?

The other part is you got to find some creativity... How can you use the plays you’ve already run? Now you want to run different varations of those plays. That’s something Doug Pederson has to be a little more creative in doing, as far as his playcalls, and a big part of that is getting some of the guys he was going to depend on going into the season back healthy.”

How the offense can improve...

“How do you play better? Well, you play consistent. What we’ve seen from the quarterback on down, especially offensively, is inconsistent play... If you want this team to turn around right away, one thing you can do is eliminate the turnovers.

Carson has to get through his mind that he can’t win the game on every single throw... punting is okay. Turning the ball over is the problem.”

On Miles Sanders in year two...

“The most important thing is his health... and quite honestly I struggled with injuries throughout my career. It’s a lot easier said than done. He has to build that outer core, that outer edge on his body so that he can withstand some of these hits...”

You can hear the rest of this BGN Radio Special by listening on the media player below or clicking here if the player doesn’t load.

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