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Eagles vs. Giants Preview: 5 questions and answers with this week’s NFC East enemy

Previewing Philadelphia’s Week 10 matchup.

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-4-1) and the New York Giants (2-7) are set to face off this Sunday at MetLife Stadium in New York, New York East Rutherford, New Jersey. In order to preview this Week 10 matchup, I reached out to our enemies over at Big Blue View. The always excellent Ed Valentine kindly took the time to answer my questions about the upcoming game. Let’s take a look at his answers. (You can CLICK HERE to read my previous correspondence with Ed back in Week 7. Some of that info is still relevant since it was recent. Stay tuned to BBV for my side of the Q&A exchange.)

1 - What, if anything, has changed about the Giants in the brief time since they played the Eagles in Week 7?

I think the biggest difference is improving play on the offensive line. Andrew Thomas, after an awful start, has allowed one sack in four weeks and been much better. Nick Gates, playing center for the first time, has settled in. Rookie Matt Peart is playing well going back and forth from right to left tackle. The Giants have found some things they like in the run game, and they’ve done a better job protecting Daniel Jones.

2 - The Giants’ defense has been pretty solid. They’re coming off a game with five takeaways. They’ve allowed the 13th fewest points this year after allowing the third most in 2019. What’s gone into the turnaround?

Well, first of all defensive coordinator Patrick Graham has done an incredible job getting the most out of the talent that he has. Secondly, the free agent acquisitions of James Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Blake Martinez and even Leonard Williams are paying huge dividends.

3 - What’s a critical matchup that sticks out to you in this week’s game?

It goes back to the offensive line of the Giants vs. the front 7 of the Eagles. The Giants have to win there.

4 - Who is the player you would most like to take off the Eagles’ roster and put into the Giants’ lineup? Why?

Oh, man. This my question! I hate it when guys turn it around on me. When I wrote about this before the Week 7 game I chose Darius Slay. Here is what I wrote:

The choice for me ends up being cornerback Darius Slay. Ryan Lewis has done really good work the past couple of weeks for the Giants, but he is still a guy who has bounced to eight different teams in four seasons for a reason. Slay, 29, is. a 2017 All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowl cornerback. I’m not thrilled by his age, but he would boost the Giants’ secondary.

5 - Who wins this game and why? Score prediction? And what are your expectations for the rest of this Giants season? Do you believe they can win the NFC East?

Maybe it’s the homer pick, but I’m going with the Giants on Sunday. Philadelphia has won eight straight against the Giants, I get that. It seems like every time the Giants get close over the past few years, something pulls the rug out from under them. I just know that sooner or later that has to change, and I feel really good about Joe Judge and the direction in which the Giants are trending. Do I believe the Giants can win the NFC East? Truthfully, the way things have gone neither one of these teams has any business talking about the playoffs. But, the winner on Sunday will have to be looked at as having a chance to win the division. As ridiculous as that is.

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