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Eagles rooting guide for Week 8 games

Sunday afternoon reference material.

NFL: DEC 22 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The eighth Sunday of the 2020 NFL regular season is here and that means it’s time to run through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all of the Week 8 games.


DALLAS COWBOYS at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: With a win, the Eagles will move to 3-4-1 and drop the Cowboys to 2-6. Gotta get it done. Eagles, obviously.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS at NEW YORK GIANTS: The Giants’ chances of winning the NFC East will remain alive if they beat the Bucs. Then again, NYG is probably more realistically in the race for Trevor Lawrence or another top quarterback. In that vein, a Giants win ruins their draft positioning. The Eagles can end the Giants’ hopes of winning the division by beating them again in Week 10. Root for the Giants.

WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM: They’re on a bye. They’ll play the Giants next Sunday.


The Eagles have a 0.1% chance of winning a wild card spot, according to Football Outsiders. So we’re not going to focus on that. Instead, we’ll be looking at getting the Eagles the most favorable matchup as their No. 5 seed opponent assuming Philly wins the NFC East.

LOS ANGELES RAMS at MIAMI DOLPHINS: The Rams take a tiebreaker over Chicago after beating them last week. Facing Chicago is more preferable than facing LAR again. Root for the Dolphins.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at DETROIT LIONS: The Eagles’ very slim wild card chances improve with Detroit losing but it’s probably better for them to find a way to sneak in the playoffs. Preferable to face them than LAR or AZ. Root for the Lions.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Eagles don’t want to see the Seahawks fall to the No. 5 spot but it would be good for them to move out of the No. 1 seed and lose their shot at a first-round bye. Also would be good to see the 49ers move up to the No. 5 seed. Root for the 49ers.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at CHICAGO BEARS: The Bears are a better matchup for the Eagles in the playoffs than the Saints are. Need Chicago to hold on to the No. 5 seed. Root for the Bears.


NEW YORK JETS at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Need to see the Jets keep that No. 1 overall pick. Can’t have the Giants move up to that spot. Root for the Chiefs.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS at GREEN BAY PACKERS: Better to see the Vikings have a chance at moving ahead of the Giants in the draft order. Also, Packers keeping the No. 1 seed over Seattle is preferable because the latter is always the tougher opponent for Philly. Root for the Packers.

TENNESSEE TITANS at CINCINNATI BENGALS: Better for the Bengals to keep losing to have a chance to move ahead of the Giants in the draft order. Root for the Titans.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at BUFFALO BILLS: Better for the Pats to keep losing to have a chance to move ahead of the Giants in the draft order. Root for the Bills.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS at DENVER BRONCOS: Better for the Broncos, who clearly need a quarterback more than LAC does, to keep losing to have a chance to move ahead of the Giants in the draft order. Root for the Chargers.


LAS VEGAS RAIDERS at CLEVELAND BROWNS: The Eagles play the Browns in Week 11. Beating Cleveland when they’re as good as possible would help to increase Philly’s strength of victory tiebreaker, which probably isn’t too relevant, but every little bit helps. Root for the Browns.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS at BALTIMORE RAVENS: Should be a good game. Doesn’t impact the Eagles though. Take your pick.

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