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Cowboys fans are feeling pretty hopeless heading into this week’s Eagles game

SB Nation Reacts update.

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Dallas Cowboys v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The latest SB Nation Reacts data is in and Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence didn’t change all that much despite seeing a win over the New York Giants last week. The follow graphic shows a slight bump from 35% to 37%:

Fans clearly didn’t view a 1-point come-from-behind victory over one of the NFL’s worst teams as a great accomplishment.

It’ll be interesting to see how this week’s result impacts the data. The Eagles are getting healthier and they have an opportunity to beat a bad Dallas Cowboys team with authority. Play a complete game against them and fans should be feeling better heading into the bye week.

No one will be surprised to see Cowboys fans are not feeling great about their favorite team heading into this week’s Sunday Night Football showdown. Dallas fan confidence is down to 2%, which is only ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars at 0%. (The Jags haven’t won since Week 1.)

Cowboys fans have every right to feel terrible. The Dallas defense has been consistently awful. The offense has been a shell of itself since Dak Prescott got hurt. The players just don’t seem to be playing all that hard for Mike McCarthy. The whole operation is a disaster.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, the Washington Football Team still boasts the highest fan confidence in the division. Washington increased from 44% to 67% following last week’s easy win over the Cowboys. Washington has a bye this week so we could see their rating hold steady unless the Eagles find a way to lose to Dallas.

The New York Giants only saw a small dip from 65% to 55% after blowing an 11-point lead to the Eagles. The Giants could be due for another decrease with a Monday night game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming up. They could very soon be 1-7.

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