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Good morning to your first place Philadelphia Eagles

The reigning NFC East champions are back on top! For now, at least.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ... your first place Philadelphia Eagles!

That’s right, the Birds are back on top after defeating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.


1) Philadelphia Eagles: 1-2-1
2) Washington Football Team: 1-3
3) Dallas Cowboys: 1-3
4) New York Giants: 0-4

Lol. What a truly bad division!

Let’s dive in a little deeper to each team.


It’s pretty crazy to think the Eagles are in first place after how poorly they’ve played this year.

I mean, Carson Wentz has arguably been the worst quarterback in the NFL. The Eagles ranked 29th in DVOA heading into Week 4 and they’re currently sixth to last in point differential.

Here’s how the Eagles would rank if you added them as a fifth team to any other division:

NFC North: 3rd
AFC East: 3rd
AFC West: 3rd
AFC South: 3rd
NFC South: 4th
AFC North: Tied for 4th
NFC West: 5th

The Eagles have one of the NFL’s most difficult remaining schedules and that much is apparent with upcoming games against the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0) and Baltimore Ravens (3-1). We’ll have to see if they can actually build off their gutty win over the 49ers or if more struggles are on the way.


The Football Team has lost three straight since opening their season with a comeback win over the Eagles.

Dwayne Haskins is bad. He has the NFL’s fifth worst passer rating at 80.3. There’s talk that the Football Team is actually considering benching him for Kyle Allen if he does not “improve greatly.”

Washington will host the Los Angeles Rams (3-1) next so they could be looking at their fourth straight loss.


No NFL team has allowed more points than the Cowboys. They’re surrendering 36.5 per game through four weeks! Kind of an issue. And if weren’t for the Atlanta Falcons being the biggest chokers ever, the Cowboys could easily be 0-4 right now.

On the bright side for Dallas, they can score. Their 126 points rank second most in the NFL. The Cowboys also have one of the NFL’s easiest remaining schedules. Football Outsiders still gives the Cowboys the best chance of winning the NFC East at 50.7%, which is ahead of the Eagles at 35.4%.

Up next for the Cowboys is a home game against the Giants, so they could easily pick up their second win of the season. Dallas hasn’t lost to New York since 2016.


Death, taxes, and the Giants being awful. The only three certainties in life.

The G-Men are serious contenders for the No. 1 overall pick with the way they’re playing. Daniel Jones has four times as many combined interceptions and fumbles (8) as touchdown passes (2) this year. Turnover machine.

The Giants are playing the Cowboys in Week 5 so they’re staring 0-5 in the face.

All told, I still think the Cowboys are going to win this division. But it doesn't look like they’re run away with it, which could keep Philly alive longer than expected.

On one hand, making the playoffs four years in a row sounds good. On the other hand, it could also be a false positive that hinders long-term progress!

For now, though, feel free to enjoy rooting for the only NFC East team that didn’t lose in both Week 3 and Week 4.

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