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The most ridiculous moments from the Eagles beating the Giants

Thursday night’s NFC East tilt was at least interesting.

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If any one game fully and completely encapsulated what the NFC East has been in 2020, it was last night’s Eagles vs. Giants contest at Lincoln Financial Field.

The score says the Eagles won 23-22. Carson Wentz threw a late touchdown to Boston Scott as Philadelphia overcame an 11-point, late-fourth quarter deficit to beat New York for the 8th straight time. At 2-4-1, the Eagles lead the division, at least until the Dallas Cowboys play the Washington Football Team on Sunday.

But that doesn’t even begin to tell the story of last night’s ridiculousness. So what was the most ridiculous moments from last night’s inanity?

Carson Wentz’ TD Throw to Boston Scott

Wentz and the offense had moved the ball between the 20s with relative ease for most of the night, but outside of the opening drive touchdown, the Eagles play calling and execution in the red zone and goal-to-go situations was downright disgusting.

When Giants QB Daniel Jones completed a 2-yard touchdown pass to Sterling Shepard with 6:21 remaining, New York had a commanding 21-10 lead and seemed to have things all locked up. But on the next series, Wentz and John Hightower hooked up on a 59-yard pass play, Greg Ward caught a 3-yard touchdown with 4:42 left and suddenly, the Eagles had a chance to steal a game they tried to give away.

On the final drive, Wentz took the Birds down to the New York five yard line with 57 second remaining, but a Jason Kelce facemask pushed the Eagles back to their own 18 yard-line. Instead of trying to work his way into the end zone a few steps at a time, Wentz decided to just chuck it up for Giants-killer Boston Scott, who caught the perfectly thrown ball and somehow found the end zone.

The throw was ridiculous. The decision to throw it was ridiculous. The catch was ridiculous. The facemask penalty that preceded the play was ridiculous. It was all ridiculous.

Daniel Jones’ 80-Yard Faceplant

People called Jones’ 80-yard sprint and eventual Nestea plunge into the grass turf last night a “trip.” He didn’t trip. His legs gave out.

In fact, you can pinpoint the exact moment when Daniel Jones’ legs gave out on him and his soul was crushed.

Thankfully for Jones, the Giants converted a touchdown on that drive, saving him the scorn of the coaches, if not the ridicule of his teammates and the entire sporting world.

Congratulations Daniel, you’re a meme, forever!

DeSean Jackson Gets Hurt Again

It wasn’t Jackson’s fault, and yet, it just keeps happening.

Jackson’s leg bent back awkwardly on this play resulting in a reported high ankle sprain. The team has put him on injured reserve, meaning he will miss at least the next three weeks, if not more. Not only that, it torpedoes any dreams the Eagles may have held in trading him to a potential contender.

It’s a shame because Jackson looked good early in the 1st quarter, as Doug Pederson clearly wanted to get him involved. Jackson has started and finished three games since he returned to Philadelphia last year.

Giants Miss Wide Open Fake Punt Potential

Midway through the first quarter, the Giants lined up to punt at the Eagles 45 with a 4th and 3. However, they made that decision late and rushed the punt team onto the field at the last minute. As a result, the Eagles’ special teams crew was late getting on and, someone forgot to cover the gunner at the top of the field.

To his credit, punter Riley Dixon wanted to throw it to the wide open man who could have sawed off one of his legs and still made it to the end zone untouched, but unfortunately, his gunner had the football awareness of a small child on general anesthesia.

Oh, and Giants head coach Joe Judge was previously the New England Patriots’ special teams coach.

The Fade To Hakeem Butler

It was 4th and goal from the 3 late in the 3rd quarter and the Eagles trailed 14-10. Three receivers were lined up to Wentz’ left, with newly signed Hakeem Butler, who had not played a single offensive snap in the NFL to that point, in the game at the bottom of the formation.

There’s no way Butler was the primary target on this all-important play, but the Giants were late in covering him and, when they did, a safety who was a good six inches shorter was assigned to Butler. Seeing this, Wentz decided to try a fade pass to a guy he’d never thrown to before, and failed to put any loft on the ball whatsoever.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The predictable thing happened. Butler, almost certainly shocked the ball was coming his way, failed to jump into the air and use his height advantage and instead was pulled and interfered with as the ball fell helplessly near him. Pass interference should have been called, but wasn’t, and the Eagles were turned away inside the 10-yard line once again.

Maybe this is what Wentz was hoping would happen.

So, what’s your choice?


What was the most ridiculous moment from last night’s Eagles win over the Giants?

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  • 11%
    Carson’s TD to Scott
    (311 votes)
  • 72%
    Jones’ Faceplant
    (1902 votes)
  • 3%
    DeSean Gets Hurt Again
    (79 votes)
  • 6%
    Giants Miss Wide Open Fake Punt
    (177 votes)
  • 5%
    Hakeem Butler Fade
    (140 votes)
2609 votes total Vote Now

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