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Adam Schefter thinks the Eagles are more likely to be sellers than buyers ahead of NFL trade deadline [UPDATE]

Conflicting info alert.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jay Glazer is also jumping on the “Eagles are going to be sellers” bandwagon.


While one reporter states the Philadelphia Eagles are going to be “aggressively approaching” the 2020 NFL trade deadline as buyers, another indicates they’re actually more likely to be sellers.

The following exchange occurred when Adam Schefter recently spoke on the 97.5 The Fanatic Morning Show with Marc Farzetta, Bob Cooney, and Jamie Lynch.

FARZETTA: There was a report that came out about the Eagles with the intention to be buyers at the deadline. Have you heard anything to that effect as well?

SCHEFTER: I never like to refute another report, try to respect all people. But I don’t believe that to be true. I believe they’d be more sellers than buyers.

FARZETTA: You believe the Eagles would be more sellers at the deadline than they would be for buyers?

SCHEFTER: Yeah. Now, look, if there’s opportunity to acquire a player at a good price, they’re always going to do that. But if you’re asking me today, do I think that they’d be more apt to trade a decent pick for a player? Or trade a decent player for a decent pick? I’d say they’d be more apt to trade a player for a decent pick than they are the other way around. And it’s very simple, I think they’re projected to be about $64 million over the cap next year. Don’t have a lot of wiggle room and flexibility to go bring in added contracts. Money has been a complaint amongst a lot of teams in the league. Everyone’s like, ‘Hey, we don’t want to do the money thing right now.’ Now, the one thing that could potentially alter that is if they win Thursday night. […] If they rip off two [straight] wins, could something happen before the deadline where they make a move to bring in somebody? If the price is right, sure. I still think, all factors considered, right now, they are more apt to trade a player than trade for a player. Today. And we’ll see if that changes based on the next two games.

As you can see, Schefter added qualifiers and caveats to indicate that things can change. And with the Eagles very possibly winning their next two games, that could be the case.

Still interesting to hear him say this much about potentially being sellers.

Howie Roseman would be prudent to not get wrapped up in winning a terrible NFC East this year at all costs. It’s one thing if the Eagles trade for a long-term piece ahead of the deadline but a short-term rental (like Golden Tate in 2018) would make no sense for this team.

I can’t really see the Eagles flat out selling, though, unless they somehow lose both of their next two games. Maybe one loss would be enough.

Even then, I wonder who exactly they realistically have to sell. It’d make sense to move Zach Ertz if his value wasn’t as low as ever with him being hurt and having a bad season. Fletcher Cox is someone the Eagles should consider moving for proper value if they drop to 1-6-1 but I don’t think they will.

The guess here is the Eagles will improve to 3-4-1 and make a move to acquire a player who has more than one year left on their contract. Maybe something similar to the Genard Avery trade last year, even. Because that worked so well!

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