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NFL survey identifies Eagles as the league’s second most disappointing team

Silver lining: they’re not No. 1!

Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The latest SB Nation Reacts data is in. Instead of starting with the Philadelphia Eagles’ confidence rating, let’s first take a look at the results of this national polling:

The Eagles just 2% behind the 0-3 Minnesota Vikings for that undesirable first place finish.

Even the biggest Eagles skeptics and haters didn’t see the team being THIS bad though three games. And yet here they are at 0-2-1.

As such, confidence has predictably dropped for the fourth straight week. The Eagles are down to 8%, which ranks tied with the New York Jets for third lowest. Only the aforementioned Vikings and Houston Texans check in lower ... at a whopping 0%.

Hard to feel good about the Birds when:

  • Carson Wentz is playing like the worst quarterback in the NFL.
  • The coaching staff isn’t inspiring a ton of confidence.
  • The roster is expensive, old, and poor.
  • Injury issues are piling up for the billionth season in a row.
  • The team could easily be 0-5-1 after their next three games.

On the other side of this week’s Eagles game, San Francisco 49ers fans are feeling fairly confident. They have the league’s 12th highest rating at 89%:

49ers are right to feel better after seeing their backups manage a 27-point win last week. San Fran is also getting a little healthier this week with George Kittle and possibly Deebo Samuel returning. Not to mention they get to play a bad Eagles team.

If there’s any glimmer of hope for the Eagles’ 2020 season, it resides in the NFC East being a total joke. I mean, Washington Football Team is in first place at 1-2 after three games. They have the most confident fans at 55% despite losing two straight games:

More losses are going to be on the way for Washington because Dwayne Haskins is bad. They have the Baltimore Ravens this week so they’re looking at dropping to 1-3.

The Dallas Cowboys are second in both the standings and fan confidence rankings at 41%. The Dallas defense is bad and Mike McCarthy hasn’t been the savior some made him out to be. Despite this, they’re still the favorites to win this awful division.

After losing the 49ers’ backups, New York Giants fans are realizing they’re still not on the right track despite hiring a new head coach.


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