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Eagles no longer have the least confident fans in the NFC East

But still not the most, either.

Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After previously dropping for three straight weeks, Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence is back on the rise following the team’s win over the San Francisco 49ers. The latest SB Nation Reacts data illustrates as much:

A loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers could see this resurgence short-lived. A win, on the other hand, would mean another significant spike up. Here’s how fans from the other side of the Keystone State are feeling:

Interesting to see a slight dip following the unexpected bye. Perhaps Pittsburgh fans aren’t feeling great about their team having to play 13 straight games without a break. As far as this week’s game goes, though, it’s perhaps worth noting that Mike Tomlin is 9-4 coming off the bye in the regular season.

The Eagles have spent most of the 2020 season at the bottom of the NFC East in fan confidence despite never being far off from the top in the actual standings. The Dallas Cowboys are now last at 14%. Only the Detroit Lions (9%), New York Jets (3%), and Atlanta Falcons (0%) finished worse off.

You just hate to see Dallas being a big disappoint once again. So surprising to see all that offseason hype backfire like this.

Elsewhere in the division, the Washington Football Team actually ranks first in fan confidence at 58%. This despite the fact that they’ve lost three straight games and starting quarterback Dwayne Haskins was benched for Kyle Allen.

New York Giants fans clearly viewed an 8-point to the Los Angeles Rams as a moral victory because their confidence rating increased by 11%, putting them second in the division despite dropping to 0-4. The bar couldn’t be much lower in North Jersey, huh?


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