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What is Doug Pederson doing to this water bottle?

Truly mesmerizing

Philadelphia Eagles OTA’s Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Both Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson addressed reporters on Wednesday morning for their postmortem press conferences following the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles season. They both had some interesting things to say — and we’ll have coverage of all that coming up here on Bleeding Green Nation — but for now I really just need to highlight whatever Pederson was doing with a water bottle here while Roseman was speaking. Watch this video right now:

Pederson is zoning out and going at that thing with his mouth for a good 40 seconds before then turning to the crowd of reporters and winking at them:

Then he points the bottle at the reporters:

Then he makes a cradling motion with his arms:

Then he delivers a thumbs up:

All while Roseman is talking about how he’s excited the organization is making some additions to the front office that the team is excited about, lol.

But Doug’s not done! He then smiles and pretends to flip (?) the water bottle at somebody:

Then he puts the bottle down on the auditorium stage and stares at the ground for a couple seconds before staring up at the ceiling (?) ... and elsewhere:

Meanwhile, Roseman is making an important admission about how one of his biggest weaknesses is getting too attached to the team’s players.

Just a funny juxtaposition of Roseman being all serious while Pederson is being a goof in the background.

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