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The Eagles’ playoff hype video is here and Carli Lloyd and Orlando Scandrick (!) appear in it

What do you think?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles dropped their playoff hype video ahead of their wild card game against the Seattle Seahawks. Here it is:

Narration by two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and South Jersey native Carli Lloyd:

Breathe it in.

This, friends, is what we call now.

Yesterday’s battles? Tomorrow’s what if’s?

They’re nothing more than distractions.

The only thing that matters ... is now.

So, narrow the focus.

Give right now everything we’ve got.

Live in the moment.

All we have is now.

And you better believe now ... is all we need.

Lloyd’s a pretty great get. And wow, the clip of Orlando Scandrick’s Undisputed appearance on there!

Strong work by the video team.

Looking for more Eagles hype video prior to Sunday’s 4:40 PM kickoff? Say no more.

Check out Kyle Brandt’s epic rant if you haven’t already.

And then watch this video by the DelcoDelphia crew. They always do a great job with these:

So ready for this game to start.

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