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The Eagles have a clear advantage over Seattle at quarterback

The evidence is indisputable.

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

For the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks, the Week 1 depth charts are almost unrecognizable. Both teams have suffered season-ending injuries at key positions, though one constant remains — the quarterbacks.

Fortunately for both teams, Carson Wentz and Russell Wilson are considered to be in the top half of the league when it comes to the position, and when picking winners in the playoffs, it often boils down to the best signal caller.

Advantage Philadelphia.

While much has been made of Russell Wilson’s accomplishments, since Wentz entered the league the Eagles have been more successful, and the numbers back it up.

  • Russell Wilson has thrown 11 interceptions in 13 career playoff games. By contrast, Wentz has been elite, throwing no interceptions. He’s also never fumbled in the postseason, a concern with his game that many have pointed out.
  • One of Wilson’s interceptions came in Super Bowl, directly leading to a loss. While Both quarterbacks have a Super Bowl ring, Wentz has never lost the championship.
  • That loss? It came against the Patriots, who are largely considered the standard for success in the NFL. While the Seahawks are 0-1 against the Patriots in the Super Bowl since drafting Wilson, it’s important to note the Eagles are 1-0 against New England in the title game since drafting Wentz.
  • Speaking of 2016 and the Eagles drafting Wentz, since they made the franchise altering decision to do so they are 4-1 in the playoffs. Over that same span the Seahawks are 1-2, 0-1 if you take away the Legion of Boom, which made the Seahawks successful despite Wilson’s shortcomings (Four interceptions in the 2014 NFCCG).
  • While the Eagles are 4-1 since drafting Wentz, Nick Foles was the starting quarterback during that one loss. So Wentz has yet to lose a playoff game.
  • Are the above statistics too centered on the past? How about the last four weeks. Despite both teams dealing with injuries, both are trending in different directions. The Eagles are 4-0 in their last four games under Wentz while the Seahawks have stumbled to a 1-3 record with Wilson. Failures down the final quarter of the season cost the Seahawks the No. 1 seed and with it, home field advantage. Wentz played his way into the backend of the MVP conversation while Russell Wilson played his way out of it.
  • The Seahawks have played eight of their games with a 12th man. Carson Wentz has played ... *checks how many games Mack Hollins and Nelson Agholor started* ...... several games with 10 and sometimes 9 players!

It’s reasonable to say these statistics paint the whole picture, in fact most of the Seahawks’ fan base would clearly agree. They’re often the first to use statistics to back up their claims, whether it be DVOA or EPA. Nobody appreciates a good, supported argument as much as the 12th man.

Based on this evidence, its clear that the Eagles will have a massive advantage where it counts Sunday evening.

The above information should not be used for anything other than satirical purposes.

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