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Doug Pederson calls the Eagles’ winner of the Next 100 Super Bowl contest

Very cool.

Getting a video call from head coach Doug Pederson has to be one of the coolest things that could happen to an Eagles fan.

Getting a video call from Doug Pederson to tell you that you’re going to be the organization’s representative in the Next 100 Super Bowl commercial... AMAZING.

Kate won a contest after submitting a highlight reel that Pederson said was “so fun to watch” and that her love for the Eagles blew him and the team away. The head coach also said that she was a “really good football player” — something highlighted in her submission — and she admitted she wanted to play for the Eagles one day.

In addition to being featured in a Super Bowl commercial, Kate (and a parent) will get to go to the big game in Miami this weekend.

Surrounded by Eagles signs and posters, Swoop stuffed animals and a framed Zach Ertz jersey, Kate was (justifiably) SO excited about this opportunity.

Pederson said they were proud that Kate was part of the next generation of football players — and with more women getting the opportunity to be involved in the game as coaches and referees, it’s just a matter of time before a female gets their chance as a player.

Can’t wait to see what the Super Bowl spot ends up being. Congrats, Kate!

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