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Clarity on the terms of the Jordan Howard trade

Update on the Eagles’ draft picks.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded for Jordan Howard last year, it was reported the team gave up a 2020 sixth-round draft pick that could turn into a fifth-rounder to the Chicago Bears.

The exact conditions for that draft pick to be elevated were not known ... until now. PhillyVoice’s Jimmy Kempski has the details.

One of the following four conditions had to be met:

If Howard had 1000 rushing yards.

If Howard had 50 percent of the team’s rushing yardage.

If Howard made the Pro Bowl.

If the Eagles re-sign Howard to a new deal before 2020 free agency.

Howard had 525 rushing yards, 27% of the Eagles’ rushing yardage, and didn’t make the Pro Bowl.

It’s still “possible” for the Eagles to re-sign Howard to a new contract before free agency, but, let’s be real, that ain’t happening. Doing that would be as dumb as something crazy like ... guaranteeing Alshon Jeffery’s 2020 contract for no discernible reason, for example. It’d never happen.

Seriously, though, the Eagles won’t be re-signing Howard prior to free agency. It’s possible the Eagles could re-sign him after the new league year begins in mid-March but that’ll likely only happen if Howard doesn’t have a strong market.

Howard was a good contributor for the Eagles prior to suffering what essentially became a season-ending shoulder injury (described as a stinger) in Week 9. But he’s expendable moving forward given the emergence of Miles Sanders, who flashed star potential down the stretch in 2019.

Now that we know the Eagles likely won’t be giving up a fifth-round pick for Howard, here’s a look at the team’s draft picks over the next two years.


1st round - No. 21

2nd round - No. 53

3rd round - No. 85

(3rd round - projected compensatory pick)

4th round

(4th round - projected compensatory pick)

(4th round - projected compensatory pick)

5th round

5th round (from New England Patriots)

6th round (from Atlanta Falcons)


1st round

2nd round

3rd round

5th round

6th round

7th round

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