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How the 2019 Eagles ranked in a number of key categories

Looking at how Philadelphia compared to the NFL average.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Now that we’re in the offseason let’s take a look back at how the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles performed compared to the NFL average and visualize where improvement is needed moving forward.


Category Eagles Rank
Category Eagles Rank
Point differential +31 11th
Turnover differential -3 23rd

The 2019 Eagles finished just slightly better than the 2018 Eagles did in these two categories.

The Eagles have had two straight seasons with a negative turnover differential, which obviously isn’t a recipe for success. The 2019 Eagles ranked 19th in both takeaways and giveaways. The Birds had the second most fumbles lost with 15. Carson Wentz putting the ball on the ground 16 times, a career high, didn’t help in that regard. It’s imperative he stops fumbling so often.


Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Yards/Game 360.8 347.9 12.9 14th
Yards/Play 5.23 5.48 -0.25 21st
RushYards/Game 121.2 112.9 8.3 11th
RushYards/Play 4.27 4.32 -0.05 19th
PassYards/Game 239.6 235 4.6 11th
PassYards/Play 6.25 6.74 -0.49 22nd
Interception Rate 1.31% 2.30% -0.99% 5th
Sacks/Pass Attempt 6.04% 7.15% -1.11% 9th
First Downs/Game 22.1 20.3 1.8 4th
3rd Down Pct 45.41% 39.02% 6.39% 4th
4th Down Pct 33.33% 47.90% -14.57% t-28th
RedZone Pct 66.67% 56.64% 10.03% 3rd
Goal to Go Pct 87.50% 70.98% 16.52% 2nd
Average TOP 32:56:00 - - 2nd
Points/Game 24.1 22.8 1.3 12th

The 2019 Eagles were actually really good in a number of key areas such as third down, red zone, and avoiding interceptions. The obvious issue that sticks out is the lack of explosiveness in the passing game. The Eagles need to get away from relying on methodically driving down the field all game long and instead generate more big plays. Acquire some speedy wide receivers for the sake of everyone’s sanity, Howie Roseman. The running game efficiency could afford to improve as well and there’s reason to believe it can with Miles Sanders heading into Year 2 and juice lord Boston Scott emerging as a weapon.


Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Yards / Game 331.7 347.9 -16.2 10th
Yards / Play 5.49 5.48 0.01 17th
Rushing Yards / Game 90.1 112.9 -22.8 3rd
Rushing Yards / Play 4.08 4.32 -0.24 11th
Passing Yards / Game 241.6 235 6.6 19th
Passing Yards / Play 6.77 6.74 0.03 16th
Interception Rate 1.93% 2.30% -0.37% 24th
Sacks / Pass Attempt 7.53% 7.15% 0.38% 12th
First Downs / Game 18.1 20.3 -2.2 5th
3rd Down Pct 34.15% 39.02% -4.87% 4th
4th Down Pct 61.11% 47.90% 13.21% 27th
Red Zone Pct 55.81% 56.64% -0.83% t-14th
Goal to Go% 70.00% 70.98% -0.98% 14th
Points / Game 22.1 22.8 -0.7 15th

Given how some talk about Jim Schwartz, you’d think the Eagles have one of the NFL’s worst defenses. Alas, that’s not nearly the case. Philly’s defensive coordinator has consistently gotten good production out of his units relative to the cap space dedicated to his side of the ball:

This isn’t to suggest there isn’t room for improvement. The Eagles’ secondary can’t be so shreddable as it was last season. More interceptions and sacks are needed. Acquiring some better cornerbacks in the offseason should help, assuming the Eagles can do that.


Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Punt Return Avg 5.9 7.6 -1.7 25th
Kickoff Return Avg 22.5 22.5 0 14th
Field Goals Made 84.62% 81.59% 3.03% 12th

The Eagles could afford to find someone who actually provides some threat level as a punt returner. Maybe Boston Scott gets the nod there? Greg Ward finished the season as the punt returner but he didn’t do much with them: seven returns for 24 yards (3.4 average) and 12 fair catches. Tremon Smith could be a long shot to watch given his college experience returning punts (7.6 average and one touchdown on 38 tries).


Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Category Eagles NFL AVG Difference Rank
Punt Return Avg 6.5 7.6 -1.1 11th
Kickoff Return Avg 23.8 22.5 1.3 21st

Dave Fipp’s coverage units declined from their 2018 rankings.


Category Rank
Category Rank
Team DVOA 11th
Offense 14th
Pass Offense 17th
Rush Offense 10th
Defense 12th
Pass Defense 16th
Rush Defense 4th
Special Teams 19th

The Eagles’ advanced metrics match their overall 9-7 record. They were an above average team but they weren’t legitimately great.


Category Rank
Category Rank
Overall 10th
Offense 8th
Pass Offense 13th
Rush Offense 28th
Pass Block 3rd
Run Block 1st
Defense 18th
Run Defense 12th
Pass Rush 5th
Pass Coverage 22nd
Tackling 21st
Special Teams 8th

Sanders is somehow ranked 57th out of 61 running backs in PFF’s rushing grade category, hence the Eagles’ poor ranking in that category. PFF does love the Eagles’ lines on both sides of the ball.

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