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Eli Manning: Hall of Famer? Fans of all 32 NFL teams weigh in

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New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

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Now that long-time New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has officially retired from the NFL, the big question has moved to the forefront: does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

I think I’ve made my stance on the matter pretty clear. Here’s what I wrote when Big Blue View’s Ed Valentine asked for my thoughts on Manning’s retirement:

“My reaction to Eli Manning retiring is that I’m going to miss him. Including the playoffs, he went just 10-23 in 33 starts against Philly. That record includes a 4-20 mark in the last 24 Eagles versus Giants game. Donovan McNabb, who last played for the Eagles in 2009, also has four wins in that same 24 game stretch.

Outside of his shortcomings against the Eagles, he obviously has the two Super Bowl rings and no one can take that away. I’ve always felt that second championship was the most fortuitous title run I’ve ever witnessed, but, hey, it counts all the same.

Still, I feel validated in my belief that Manning wasn’t as good as some made him out to be. He finished his career with a .500 record, which accurately reflects the quality of quarterback Manning was when one accounts for his entire NFL journey: average. I fully expect him to be in the Hall of Fame but I don’t think he should be.”

Valentine used the word “complicated” to describe Manning’s legacy. That term accurately describes how Manning is viewed by NFL fans:

Is it fair to say that if the guy isn’t an obvious “Yes” for a majority of people, he’s probably not Hall of Fame worthy?

Here’s how the NFC East teams view Manning’s legacy:

Giants fans will claim these results show that Eagles fans have no class, which is silly. How could they think Manning is so great when they watched their team regularly own him?

Again, I think Manning WILL be in the Hall of Fame. But I do not believe he deserves to be there. You can’t just cherry-pick the high points and totally ignore the many down years. His entire body of work is what should be judged.


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