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Talking Eagles with Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years

From the Bleachers Episode #15!

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I’ve long been tapped into the local music scene in Philadelphia. Whether it be talking about bands with new friends I’ve made on Twitter or checking out up-and-coming emo acts at the First Unitarian Church in Rittenhouse, my love for Philly bands is comparable to my love for the Eagles.

This is why the latest episode of From the Bleachers is my favorite podcast I’ve ever recorded. I met up with Dan “Soupy” Campbell, frontman of Philly mainstay The Wonder Years for an interview. Dan and I have become friendly on Twitter over the last couple of the year, sharing our mutual admiration for good tunes and the Birds, so it feels fitting that the two of us were finally able to collaborate once this Eagles season was over and Dan’s touring schedule slowed down a bit.

We talked about how the Eagles need to hand Malcolm Jenkins, Dan’s all-time favorite Eagles player, a new contract, what it’s like trying to follow your favorite sports teams while touring and traveling the globe and why the Eagles will always be so enduring to Philadelphians.

I want to keep From the Bleachers going strong throughout the coming months even though the Birds will be out of action. I’d love to do some more outside-the-box content with interviews similar to the one I just did with Dan. If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to hear from me on FtB this offseason, whether it be interviews with other Eagles fans or me taking a look back at different moments throughout Eagles history, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@shamus_clancy) or shoot me an email (shamusjclancy @ gmail dot com).

I appreciate you all for tuning in during the season and I hope I can entertain you until the NFL Draft hits!

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