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Report: Browns request to interview Eagles vice president of football operations Andrew Berry

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Headed back to Cleveland?

2017 Cleveland Browns Training Camp

The Cleveland Browns have requested permission to interview Philadelphia Eagles vice president of football operations Andrew Berry, according to a report from NFL insider Charles Robinson.

We previously wrote about Berry as a Browns target when they fired former general manager John Dorsey.

The Eagles can only deny the Browns’ request if Berry is interviewing for a job that would be considered a lateral move. The Eagles cannot deny Berry from interviewing if he’s in consideration for a job with final say on personnel matters.

Berry only joined the Eagles’ front office less than a year ago. One would think Philadelphia would like to retain him, if possible.

The Browns interviewed Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for their head coaching vacancy earlier this week. Schwartz appears to be out of the running for the job but maybe the Browns are still considering a Schwartz and Berry pairing? Or pairing Berry with another head coach altogether?

We’ll soon see what the Browns decide to do.