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Brad Rutter honors Eagles’ Super Bowl win during Jeopardy! GOAT tournament

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He even wagered $4133. Classic.

This week, beloved trivia show Jeopardy! brought back their greatest players of all time for a tournament, including Brad Rutter — the all-time highest earning player, and a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. On Thursday, Rutter included a pretty great tribute to the Super Bowl LII winners during Final Jeopardy.

And, even though Rutter threw out a very wrong — but, oh, so right — answer, and lost $4133 in Final Jeopardy, he was quick to add in a “Go Birds” as host Alex Trebek announced his new total.

Sure, the 2019 season didn’t end the way we had hoped, but the Eagles still beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl just a couple years ago. And, that will always be something worth celebrating!

Here’s hoping Brad can relish the underdog role and manage to win the next three nights after falling behind Ken Jennings (2) and James Holzhauer (1) to this point.