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Eagles News: Joe Banner says not paying Malcolm Jenkins would be a mistake

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/10/20.

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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Joe Banner: Eagles need to pay Malcolm Jenkins, and quick - Inquirer
The only explanation for why something hasn’t gotten done with him is because they may not want to. That would be a mistake in my mind. He’s still a key player on that team, and leadership is really crucial, and they have some of their leaders who are at risk of not being a part of the future. I still think the best solution is a short-term extension with a signing bonus that’s paid up front so that he actually, from a cash perspective, makes a lot more than than $7 ½ million next year. I actually think this is an instance where the player means what he says. I think they’re going to have to find a way to address it if they’re going to bring him back. He’s making half of what the top-paid safeties in the league are making at this point. So I think they’re going to have to deal with this, and I think the player has a little more leverage dealing with it now under these circumstances than if they had done something in-season kind of quietly and short-term.

13 Eagles offensive coordinator candidates now that Mike Groh is gone - BGN
The Eagles reportedly chosen between Groh and Staley after Reich left in February 2018. Groh got the OC job while “assistant head coach” was added to Staley’s running backs coach title. Choosing Groh clearly wasn’t the right choice. But that doesn’t mean Staley is necessarily the right answer now. The Eagles just fired two automatic internal promotions in Groh and Carson Walch. And the answer to replace of them is really another in-house guy? In a vacuum, I think Staley’s done a good job and deserves a bigger role. But in this specific context, I don’t love the idea of promoting him to OC. This team could stand to benefit from more outside perspective. And is Staley suddenly bringing a bunch of new ideas to the table that he previously wasn’t despite being the assistant head coach? The Eagles need to be more creative than simply promoting Staley.

The QB Scho Show #48: Mike Groh & Carson Walch Emergency Show! - BGN Radio
Michael Kist and Mark Schofield react to the Eagles news that Mike Groh and Carson Walch are GONE from the Philadelphia Eagles and discuss how the Eagles can remake their offensive coaching staff! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Eagles podcast: Reflecting on the 2019 season, and a 2020 offseason preview - PhillyVoice
The Philadelphia Eagles’ weird 2019 season is finally over, and a crucial offseason lies ahead. Brandon Lee Gowton and I recapped the Eagles’ loss to the Seahawks, we reflected on the season as a whole, and took a sneak peak at what lies ahead this offseason on BGN Radio episode No. 101.

Quite a 180 - Iggles Blitz
This is not a good look for the Eagles. They were unprepared for the press conference, and that makes zero sense. They needed to have a plan for the offseason that started with the PC. Doug could have simply said he was still doing evaluations and wasn’t prepared to make any announcements. The season just ended on Sunday. Nobody would have questioned an answer like that. Some people see this as Doug intentionally lying to fans and the media, trying to deceive them. I don’t buy that. I just don’t see the benefit to him intentionally lying. I think he gave terrible answers and wasn’t prepared for the situation, which might actually be worse than lying. Neither of these is good options.

Chris Long: Players calling Carson Wentz injury-prone ‘should be ashamed’ - NBCSP
“I just think it was kind of a cheap shot, and a shortcut, for media members trying to make hay,” Long said. “Down-talking a dude who just got drilled in the back of the head, with only the ground to stop the force, by a 280-pound man. Some of them played, and I think the guys that played should be ashamed of themselves. Because - you talk about a guy’s battle back from injury, he’s carried the team the last month of the season, and to bring up a pattern of injury? Sure, Carson has an injury history, but that concussion has nothing to do with any pattern.”

NFL Doctor Calls Carson Wentz ‘Heroic’ for Reporting Concussion - Sports Illustrated
The NFL’s chief medical officer called Carson Wentz “heroic” for reporting his concussion during Philadelphia’s playoff loss and disputed the notion the league’s system failed the Eagles quarterback. “I think what Carson Wentz did is heroic and should be highlighted as an example of how an unbelievably skilled and competitive athlete understands the seriousness of concussion injury and is willing to honestly report it and receive the care that he needs independent of his desire and drive to continue to participate in the game,” Dr. Allen Sills told The Associated Press on Thursday. “Having a concussion and playing through it is not about toughness. That’s demonstrating a lack of understanding of the severity of the injury. So I applaud Carson Wentz for understanding how serious this injury is and for getting appropriate care that he needs.”

Beat back and forth: Analyzing Eagles’ decision to fire Mike Groh and Carson Walch, and potential replacements - The Athletic
Sheil Kapadia 3 p.m. — My big-picture thought is that the coaching staff as a whole has actually done a good job. There are fair game-by-game criticisms, and the offense would benefit from more creativity. But does anyone look at this roster, especially given the injuries, and think the Eagles should have won more than nine games with this talent? I certainly do not. I think overall talent and roster-building are bigger issues than coaching. I liked what I heard from Roseman on Wednesday about needing to get younger, needing to examine why they’ve been hit so hard with injuries, etc. But I’m looking forward to seeing whether his actions back up those thoughts in the months ahead.

Eagles DC Jim Schwartz is a serious Browns candidate; Doug Pederson says he’d be a ‘tremendous head coach again’ -
Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who interviewed with the Browns on Wednesday, has a legitimate shot at the head coach job and wasn’t just a token interview, league sources say. Even though Schwartz, 53, didn’t surface as a candidate until Monday night — after seven others had been confirmed and lined up — he’s as serious a candidate as the others. The sixth candidate interviewed, he brings head coaching experience, a love of analytics, a tough-mindedness and a history with the Cleveland Browns, where he started his career in 1993 as a scout under Bill Belichick.

Dwayne Savage is a beacon of hope at Camden High School -
They say silence is golden. Not for football players, though. The opportunity to play between those white lines, to hear the screams of thousands of rabid fans, is what drives young kids to strap on their pads and chase dreams of NFL glory. Dwayne Savage knows the routine well. He’s been coaching high school football and molding future generations for 25 years. Each speech is a way to break that silence. Every word is tailored to getting the most out of his players at Camden High School. On November 15, Savage was instilling a valuable lesson that tomorrow is never promised in a riveting pregame pep talk before Camden’s NJSIAA playoff game at Pleasantville. Go out there and play every down like it’s your last. Then, gunshots rained down in the third quarter and his stirring speech almost turned eerily prophetic.

Philadelphia Union brings ‘Ballers’ to life with Jay Ajayi eMLS signing - Brotherly Game
It was a case of life imitating art on Tuesday when the Philadelphia Union announced NFL free agent running back Jay Ajayi as the first pro athlete to also turn pro gamer in eMLS. Like Vernon Littlefield, the fictional NFL lineman played by Donovan Carter in the HBO series Ballers, Ajayi is adding pro gamer to his resume ahead of the start of the eMLS season in Philadelphia on Friday. He was introduced to media at a press conference at Talen Energy Stadium on Tuesday afternoon.

Grading new NFL head-coaching hires: Experts predict how each will fare - ESPN+
Fowler: Agree with the pedigree, but boy that has been a mixed bag. For every Flores, there is Matt Patricia or Josh McDaniels -- not the modern version, but the one who thought trading up for Tim Tebow was a sound football move. You could argue Belichick should groom his assistants better. Phillips would be good for the short term, but Judge would need an exit strategy. On offense, Jason Garrett is a capable playcaller, if he gets the job. He’s not the sexiest pick for offensive coordinator, but I would expect him to emphasize play-action with Jones, get him on the move.

Five thoughts about Mike McCarthy and the Dallas Cowboys - Blogging The Boys
Was the “McCarthy Project” a legitimate self-analysis, education, and reinventing of the coach, or just a sophisticated PR campaign? While many of us are getting very excited by the potential of McCarthy and his apparent “dream team” of a coaching staff, we are a long way from finding out the answer. Potential can be achieved or wasted in the NFL. Dream teams become more of a nightmare far too often. There are certainly legitimate concerns that can be raised about McCarthy, including how he may have become stale and predictable before being fired from the Packers.

10 things we learned from our introduction to Joe Judge - Big Blue View
There has been so much talk about Dave Gettleman being a dinosaur. About him being hard to work with. About the possibility some candidates might not even take interviews because of his presence. Then, along comes a 38-year-old who will be the league’s third-youngest coach who appears to have a philosophy cloned from Gettleman’s belief about what’s important. When asked about Judge Gettleman said “our philosophies mesh.” He added that he had never met Judge until Monday, but that he quickly felt comfortable with him. He said they see talent evaluation the same way. Judge said talking with Gettleman has been “tremendous.” He expanded on how they see personnel in a similar way.

Fan confidence gets a boost as the Redskins coaching staff takes shape - Hogs Haven
That all changed with the firing of Bruce Allen. Just a week ago, we saw fan confidence jump to 42% amid reports that Ron Rivera seemed ready to accept the head coaching job. The reported developments of the past week — primarily the hiring of most of Rivera’s coaching staff, along with some news about the front office and the Athletic Training Department — has spurred another jump in fan confidence, this time to 55%. For the first time since the post-draft excitement, more than 50% of the Redskins fan base is expressing confidence about the future of the franchise.

The NFL playoffs are still defined by the passing game more than the running game - SB Nation
The NFL’s top runners earned some big wins to kick off this year’s playoffs. Derrick Henry ran for 182 yards as his Titans left New England with an upset victory. Dalvin Cook gashed the Saints early and then again in overtime to give Minnesota its first postseason road win in 15 years. Even though they didn’t win, Devin Singletary and Josh Allen combined to roast the Texans for 150 yards on 22 carries in the Bills’ overtime loss. Tennessee may have beaten Tom Brady with only 71 net passing yards, but that doesn’t mean the league is suddenly shifting back toward the run-first offenses of the past. Running backs — especially workhorse ones — were important to the first weekend of the 2020 playoffs but, barring a major reversal in recent trends, there’s too much passing talent left in the postseason for 2020 to be a throwback to the 1980s.


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