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Some Eagles players have new jersey numbers following NFL roster cuts


Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

As you may know, the topic of jersey numbers (see: #JerseyNumberAnalytics) is one we take VERY seriously here at Bleeding Green Nation. It’s only fitting, then, that I update you some Philadelphia Eagles jersey number changes ahead of the 2019 NFL season. The Eagles had a bunch of jersey numbers get freed up when they trimmed the team down to 53 players following NFL roster cuts.

Let’s take a look at the changes listed on the team’s official roster page and analyze them. Starting with players on the 53-man roster:


Previously: No. 41
Currently: No. 37

Cyprien wore No. 37 with the Jaguars and the Titans so this is a good get for him. No. 37 was previously held by Tre Sullivan. It’s a solid jersey number for a backup safety who also contributes on special teams.


Previously: No. 51
Currently: No. 52

Brown wore No. 55 with the Titans before switching to No. 53 with the Bills and Washington. Both of those numbers are already taken on the Eagles. Not sure why Brown felt compelled to change to No. 52, though. I think No. 51 is a better look.


Previously: No. 46
Currently: No. 36

I was surprised to see the Eagles give No. 46 to Ford since no one has worn that number since Jon Dorenbos was traded and then had to retire. Ford wore No. 30 with the Cardinals but Corey Clement obviously has that on the Eagles. No. 36 was previously worn by Deiondre’ Hall, which is whom Ford is essentially replacing on the roster. So, it works. Always feels a little weird to see Brian Westbrook’s old number being worn by back of the roster players.


Previously: No. 76
Currently: No. 51

No. 76 wasn’t a great number so it’s good to see Miller made a change. But No. 51?! Does Miller think he’s an off-ball linebacker? Concerning. Miller should’ve made a run for No. 90 or No. 98.


Previously: No. 64
Currently: No. 98

HUGE upgrade for Ridgeway. A fourth defensive tackle wearing No. 98 just further illustrates the depth the Eagles have on the interior defensive line. No. 98 was previously worn by Bruce Hector, who we’ll be getting to later in this post.

And now for some #JerseyNumberAnalytics regarding practice squad players ...


Previously: No. 98
Currently: No. 90

Ridgeway took Hector’s old number so Hector took Treyvon Hester’s old number. Solid get.


Previously: No. 83
Currently: No. 81

My first thought here was: why is Perkins moving to a clear wide receiver number? And then I thought about how the Eagles were down to using him at wideout in Week 2 last year. So, I guess it’s fair, but I don’t love it.


Previously: No. 48
Currently: No. 85

Huge upgrade for Ellis. Can’t mistake him for a linebacker now. No. 85 was previously worn by Will Tye.


Previously: No. 49
Currently: No. 38

Downgrade for Scott. No. 49 isn’t a great number in general but it’s good for a smaller scatback like Scott. Just like how Darren Sproles rocks No. 43 well. No. 38 is a defensive back number. The last Eagles running back to wear No. 38 was ... Matt Jones. It was Kenjon Barner and (fullback) Thomas Tapeh before that.


Previously: No. 6
Currently: No. 84

The NFL allows receivers to wear single digits in the preseason but not in the regular season. No. 84 is fine for Ward but I’m a little surprised he didn’t go after No. 89, which he had with the team during the 2018 offseason. Ward did wear No. 4 during his first offseason with the Eagles back in 2017.

(Side note: Charles Johnson, who is still listed on the Eagles’ injured reserve list, is also No. 84. Guess this confirms the Eagles will be waiving Johnson off IR.)


Currently: No. 8

Lauletta wore No. 5 at Richmond and No. 17 with the Giants. Don’t love the No. 8 selection, which was previously worn by Clayton Thorson. I envisioned No. 14 for Lauletta, following in the footsteps of A.J. Feely.


Currently: No. 89

Green, the Falcons’ 2019 sixth-round pick, is getting a pretty good number for being a new guy on the team.


Currently: No. 39

Fine enough number for a new practice squad defensive back.

So, what does it all mean? Well, after going through my analysis, I think it’s clear the Eagles are winning the Super Bowl once again.

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