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NFL fines Lions player who inexplicably didn’t get flagged for facemasking Miles Sanders


Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Lions safety Miles Killebrew inexplicably wasn’t flagged for ripping Miles Sanders’ helmet off via the Eagles running back’s facemask during Detroit’s matchup against Philadelphia last weekend. Killebrew was not so lucky to escape a fine, however.

But forget that. What I’d like to know is if any of the officials from that Week 3 game got fined for missing such a blatantly obvious penalty. Watch the play again with the All-22 view:

Close up angle:

Seven days later and I’m still wondering how the heck that goes uncalled.

To be clear, the missed penalty likely didn’t impact the final score in this game. Nelson Agholor fumbled on this drive anyway. The Lions answered with a field goal.

Regardless, the refs shouldn’t be getting such an easy call wrong. Especially for all this supposed emphasis on player safety.

What makes this missed call even more rich is that the back judge on this play was the same official — Todd Prukop — who missed the obvious pass interference penalty on the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game earlier this year. You know, the penalty that led Sean Payton on a dumb crusade to make pass interference reviewable.

It’d be nice if officials could stop missing the easy calls.

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