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Eagles fan in Green Bay has a lot of (interestingly placed) Philly-related tattoos

Well, sure...

Twitter: @NFLonFOX

Eagles fans always travel well, including this guy whose entire chest is covered in Philadelphia-related tattoos — and for better or worse, that includes the Phillies mascot, strategically placed around his belly button.

It’s no surprise that Philadelphia fans are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic fans in all of sports, but this guy is definitely in the Top 10%.

His other tattoos include the Philadelphia skyline, the Liberty Bell, and a gigantic Eagle spanning the top portion of his chest. They’re all evidence he’s clearly all-in, but the Phanatic’s mouth over his belly button is the real show-stopper.

Just look at it. Take it all in.

I both want to and am terrified to see what tattoos he has on his arms and back.

Go Eagles (and Phillies).

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