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The Eagles fan who saved people from a burning building had another great line

Incredibly relatable.

via NBC10 Philadelphia

Hakim Laws is the name of the Philadelphia Eagles fan who went viral earlier this week after rescuing people from a burning building and having the following to say about the experience during a CBS Philly news interview:

“My man just started throwing babies down, but we was catching them — unlike Agholor, and his mishaps.”

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark recently caught up with this hero to talk with him more. The second Laws interview was pretty great as well.

CLARK (narrating): He says he caught a baby and an adult woman in the air.

LAWS: You can believe in me. I’m not going to drop her. So, she came down — BOOM! My first thought, actually, in the back of my head was like, yeah, no fumble. So, I caught two. Then ran them in for a touchdown.

I think the best part of the interview, though, was this:

CLARK: After rescuing people from a burning building, how was the Eagles loss still on his mind in that moment?

LAWS: Messed up my whole day! That was earlier the same day. Maybe 12 hours or so, less than that. Yeah, I’ma think about that all day.

I LOVE the combination of the shrug and the incredulous tone in his voice. Because, really, how are any Eagles fans NOT still dwelling on a frustrating loss within a day or two after the game?!

Hakim Laws is a hero and one of the most relatable Eagles fans to ever live.

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