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BGN Memories: 30th anniversary of The Miracle at RFK

Today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the craziest, most wonderful games of the Buddy Ryan era.

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We all need to get the taste of Sunday night’s 24-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons out of our mouths. We all need a palate cleanser.

Thankfully, we have one. Thirty years ago today, the Eagles played one of the most memorable regular season games in Eagles history — a wacky, maniacal, insane comeback win against Washington on a sun-splashed day at RFK Stadium that featured more crazy swings of emotion than any Week 2 game has a right to feature.

It also went down as the greatest game Randall Cunningham ever played as an Eagle, bringing his team down from an early 20-0 deficit just hours after signing a contract extension that made him the highest paid player in football.

This game had everything — nine turnovers, 11 touchdowns, a 20-point comeback... DAN CORTESE — yet doesn’t often get remembered as one of the franchise’s all-time great games.

So sit back and listen to the latest episode of BGN Memories as we take a look back at what I am calling “The Miracle at RFK.” You can [click here] or use the embed below:

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