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Eagles’ Week 2 opponent saw the biggest decrease in fan confidence following Week 1

Hotlanta isn’t feeling so hot.

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Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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Washington gave the Eagles a little scare in Week 1 but the Philly faithful are still feeling pretty good about their 1-0 football team. The latest FanPulse results shows that fan confidence only dipped from 99% to 97%.

The fans of the team that the Eagles play on Sunday Night Football can’t relate. The Atlanta Falcons fan confidence rating actually saw the biggest decrease of any NFL team heading into Week 2. Here’s what a drop from 88% to 22% looks like in chart form:


It’s no surprise that Atlanta fans aren’t feeling great. The Falcons were down 28-0 to the Vikings until finally scoring their first points with 9:19 remaining in the fourth quarter. Kirk Cousins only had to complete EIGHT passes to beat the Falcons given how Minnesota was dominating them with their rushing attack (5.25 yards per carry and two touchdowns).

Falcons fans know 0-2 is a real possibility with the Eagles coming to town this weekend. If their read on the Falcons is accurate, well, their worst fear could come to fruition.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, Cowboys fans are excited after beating up on the Giants. Dallas experienced the fifth biggest confidence increase:

Cowboys fans are feeling good about the early returns on new play-caller Kellen Moore. Dak Prescott posted a perfect passer rating in his first game under Moore. Things were way too easy for Dallas; guys were running wide open all game long. But does that really say as much about the Cowboys’ offense as it does about the Giants’ abysmal defense?

Speaking of the G-Men, New York saw the fifth biggest decrease in fan confidence.

Look at the Giants’ defensive depth chart and try to tell me that group isn’t trash af.

The pass rush — if you can even call it that — is especially horrible. As in, “worst in the NFL” horrible!

The Giants stink.

Washington also isn’t good and that’s reflected in a confidence rating that dropped to 25%.


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