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Jordan Matthews getting cut by the 49ers is bad news for the Eagles!


San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The headline at the top really says it all: former Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews reportedly got cut by the San Francisco 49ers and that’s bad news for Philadelphia.

I explained at length why the Eagles needed the 49ers to keep JMatt earlier this summer. The simple version is that the Eagles would’ve received two compensatory picks (instead of just one) in the 2020 NFL Draft had the 49ers kept Matthews. Now the Eagles are only projected to receive one 2020 compensatory pick.

Had the 49ers kept Matthews, the Eagles’ signings of Andrew Sendejo and L.J. Fort would’ve cancelled out Philly’s losses of both Matthews and Jordan Hicks. Now the Sendejo and Fort signings are cancelling out the Hicks and Golden Tate signings instead. Howie Roseman is now merely left with a 2020 third-round pick for losing Nick Foles.

Here’s what the Eagles’ projected picks in the 2020 NFL Draft look like:


1st round

2nd round

3rd round

(3rd round - projected compensatory pick)

4th round

5th round

5th round (from New England Patriots)

7th round (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

That’s just eight selections in total instead of the nine or ten it could’ve been had the Eagles played the comp pick game better.

The Eagles can still add another projected fourth-round compensatory pick (or two) to this group if they end up cutting Sendejo and/or Fort before Week 10. But that doesn’t seem likely. Both players figure to have roles on a Super Bowl-contending roster and their 2019 salaries will already guaranteed if they’re on the Week 1 roster.

Thanks for nothing, 49ers. You cost the Eagles a fourth-round compensatory pick!

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