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What the Josh McCown signing means for the Eagles

Analysis and reaction.

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The Philadelphia Eagles unexpectedly lured 40-year-old veteran quarterback Josh McCown out of retirement to seemingly be their new backup quarterback behind Carson Wentz. I already wrote about the signing for BGN but I also discussed the implications on a special BGN Radio emergency podcast. Use the embedded player below or [CLICK HERE]:

Look, I’m not going to beg you to download this episode ... or subscribe to the podcast wherever they’re available ... or leave a five star rating on Apple Podcast PLUS a review ... or follow @BGN_Radio on Twitter ... or any of that. Because I’d never make you feel bad for not listening to a podcast that I took the time to do about a backup quarterback signing on a busy day for me in the middle of August.

But if you DO listen, I’d appreciate it! Show topics include:

  • Background information on McCown
  • Trying to figure out what happens with the Eagles’ quarterback situation now. McCown seems like the No. 2 now, but are the Eagles really putting Sudfeld down to the No. 3 guy? What does this move mean for Sudfeld beyond 2019? What happens to Clayton Thorson now?
  • Reasons for concern: McCown’s age, didn’t have a great season last year (1 TD, 4 INT, 55.8 passer rating), 81 fumbles in 99 career games
  • Grading the McCown signing
  • And more!

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Up next: Stay tuned for more daily Eagles coverage!

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