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Eagles vs. Jaguars preseason game preview and predictions

More meaningless football!

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles will play their second of four preseason football games against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday evening.

So, once this tilt is over, the Eagles will officially be halfway through their August meaningless football matchups.

That’s probably the best development that can come out of tonight’s game. Well. That, and everyone staying healthy.

There are a number of Eagles players who could benefit from having good games, yes. Some guys are already safe to make the team but will be looking to show the coaches they deserve playing time. Other guys are trying to make the 53-man roster ... or at least the 10-man practice squad.

But that’s where the entertainment value maxes out. Especially with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles — along with a good chunk of starters on both teams — likely not playing.

Nate Sudfeld being healthy and starting would’ve made this game a little more interesting than it currently is. We at least know he can do some good things on offense. We’ve yet to see this summer if Cody Kessler and/or Clayton Thorson can even run some kind of coherent drive. Both quarterbacks will get plenty of opportunity to prove as much this evening. I’m not feeling super optimistic.

It seems to me like things could get pretty ugly on offense tonight. For both sides, really. It’s not like Jags passers Gardner Minshew, Alex McGough, and Tanner Lee figure to be lighting things up. I mean, I’m not even sure if those are real players as much as someone made up names to trick me. We could be in store for an ugly defensive struggle.

And yet, despite my lack of excitement, tonight’s game is still very much worth watching because any Eagles football beats no Eagles football. It ultimately helps us pass the time until Week 1, which is now just 24 days away.

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Score prediction:

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Na Brown candidate prediction:

My predictions:

Score prediction: 10-3, Eagles lose.

Bold prediction: Clayton Thorson finishes with a passer rating above 0.0

Na Brown candidate prediction: Eli Harold notches two sacks

Your predictions:

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