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Nike drops the new Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Eagles shoe collection!

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Here’s where you can a pair before tailgate season kicks off.

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I’m hardly a fashion expert and I’m not a sneaker head by any means but I really do like a cool pair of shoes. You know, something that really stands out.

It’s exciting, then, to see that Nike has some new Philadelphia Eagles-themed kicks ahead of the 2019 NFL season. You can scroll down below to see both men’s and women’s versions.

I’m typically partial to Kelly Green Eagles throwback merch but I think Nike did a good job with the modern color scheme here. Both of these options seem like a nice complement to match your favorite midnight green Eagles jersey.

If you’re interested in buying a pair, check out the links below.

The annual Nike Eagles-themed shoes have dropped

And they’re available for men and women in a new style as well. Check them out here!


Looking for some more Eagles-related merch? You can always check out a ton of options at this link: