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Eagles News: Tim Jernigan is rapping under the moniker “Stud Muffin”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/19.

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles’ Timmy Jernigan releases rap video with a David Akers bar - PhillyVoice
Good Boyz has released six music videos in the last two months, including one for a song called “Come Thru,” where Jernigan raps in his Eagles jersey under the moniker Stud Muffin. [...] “Like my name David Akers or I play rugby,” Stud Muffin seems to say. What is that supposed to mean? I don’t know. As long as he’s not getting pancaked, it doesn’t really matter. [BLG Note: Warning — NSFW lyrics. And hat tip to for first writing about the Jernigan video.]

The pressure is on Carson Wentz in 2019 - BGN
Wentz isn’t facing a lot of pressure in the sense that he’s the Eagles’ undisputed long-term answer at quarterback. Back in June, Wentz and the Eagles agreed on a $128 million deal that ties him to Philly through the 2024 season. Wentz is facing a ton of pressure when it comes to living up to expectations. And rightfully so. With Nick Foles gone, it’s Wentz’s performance that’ll make or break the Eagles as they try to compete for another Super Bowl title.

Fireside Chats #13: Eagles Fantasy Outlook w/The Quant Edge - BGN Radio
Michael Kist is joined by Eliot Crist of The Quant Edge to preview the Eagles fantasy outlook at the skill positions, PLUS they take a look at the debate surrounding Saquon Barkley at 1.01 and other players around the league to covet/fade!Visit The Quant Edge and use the promo code “PowerHour” to get 25% off of their season long DFS subscription! Presented by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Lawlor: Who poses the biggest threat in the NFC East? -
Head coach Pat Shurmur is back for his second season with the Giants. He has never won more than five games in an NFL season as a head coach.

Eagles 2019 breakout candidate: Derek Barnett needs to pick up where he left off - NBCSP
The crazy thing is that Barnett, who already has two NFL seasons under his belt, just turned 23 on June 25. The Eagles have three rookies this summer who are 24. Because he was a first-round pick, the Eagles have control of Barnett’s rights through the 2021 season, at which time he’ll still be just 25 with five years of experience. If 2019 is a breakout season for Barnett, the Eagles could be getting a great player for a long time.

Ranking the Philadelphia Eagles 2019 schedule from least to most interesting - PennLive
3. Week 12: vs. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks were the last team to beat the Eagles in a meaningful game during the Super Bowl run, and in a season where there were low exterior expectations, Seattle surprised some by making a run to the playoffs. Russell Wilson threw 35 touchdowns to seven interceptions, and the Seahawks had a solid roster. This game is currently scheduled for Sunday Night Football, too, which should add to some of the fun.

Quarterbacks and Pressure 2018 - Football Outsiders
Jaguars fans have to be concerned that the team replaced one veteran with consistently poor DVOA-without-pressure totals for another. Nick Foles led all quarterbacks with a 94.8% DVOA without pressure in his breakout 2013 season, but he has finished 26th (34.8%), 35th (11.5%), and 31st (24.4%) in his three qualifying seasons since. Like Bortles, Foles has typically performed better by rank when under pressure than without it, and one could argue that is a positive trait for the quarterback of a run-and-defense-focused team that will want to minimize its major mistakes. That argument is just more palatable for a player who is earning less than $50 million in guaranteed money.

Jalen Thompson works out for 26 teams - PFT
Former Washington State safety Jalen Thompson worked out for 26 teams in Los Angeles on Monday, Tony Pauline of reports. The Texans sent their director of scouting. Thompson and former West Virginia receiver Marcus Simms are expected to be drafted in Wednesday’s supplemental draft.

Feature Attraction: Hollywood Producer Jeffrey Lurie Is Center of Attention in Philadelphia as Owner of Eagles - LA Times
At his first mini-camp, he notices disappointing second-round draft pick Bruce Walker wearing Reggie White’s No. 92 jersey. He nearly becomes sick, and immediately orders that the jersey not be worn until somebody has proved himself worthy. White is so touched, he phones Lurie the next day to thank him. ”I just saw this guy wearing Reggie’s jersey and I said, ‘Whoaaaa,’ “ Lurie says, shrugging. Took the words right out of about 60,000 fans’ mouths. [BLG Note: Cool anecdote from an old article, hat tip to r/NFL.]

NFL experts debate: Who’s the best player under the age of 25? - ESPN In$ider
[BLG Note: Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley make this list. No love for any Eagles players, such as Dallas Goedert or Avonte Maddox.]

Jets more likely than the Giants to win Super Bowl for the first time since... 2011 - Big Blue View
The Giants are tied with the Oakland Raiders for the 27th longest odds to win the Superbowl and are ahead of only the Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Miami Dolphins (respectively). By process of elimination, the first time in nearly a decade, the New York Jets have better odds of winning the Super Bowl than do the Giants. Not significantly better odds, mind you, with the Jets tied with the Denver Broncos just ahead of the Giants at +7000. With a young quarterback for whom the arrow is seemingly pointed up and some potentially shrewd additions like Le’Veon Bell, C.J. Mosley, and Quinnen Williams, odds makers are slightly more bullish on the other team in New York City.

Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays - Hogs Haven
Last up for open issues that don’t involve some of the bigger-ticket items we are faced with these days is the state of the NFC East. I get that the Eagles are everyone’s sweethearts with Carson Wentz at quarterback. I get that people talk themselves into picking Dallas annually. The Giants are at least as messed up as we are, and the good news for Redskins fans is that there stands to be a halfway decent chance they might legitimately ruin Saquon Barkley’s career. I hate it for the player...but I love it for me. We know that the NFC East is constantly being churned in terms of division champs. I am the last Redskins fan to stand up and say that we have a better chance to win the division than Philly, but I feel like an argument can be made for a path to a Redskins title...and I humbly ask for your help to build that argument.

The 3 best and 3 worst relocations in NFL history - SB Nation
Relocation is a (usually unfortunate) part of the sports world. The NFL is no stranger to that with three teams — the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders — all picking new homes in the last few years. SB Nation NFL is looking at the fallout and ramifications of team displacements throughout NFL history, and what moves could be coming next in our relocation-themed week.


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