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Carson Wentz talks chemistry with Eagles receivers and having so many playmakers

Plus, more 12 personnel talk!

Carson Wentz was back at the podium on Monday following Eagles’ training camp practice, and talked a lot about the different playmakers he has to work with and how they are establishing a good chemistry now, both on and off the field.

As far as his performance, the quarterback noted that it’s all progression right now and working through mistakes both on his end with the offense as a whole, but that they continue to get better each day.

Here’s what else he had to say:

On his chemistry with his receivers

Wentz was asked about the budding chemistry and rapport with DeSean Jackson:

“Everyday it grows and whether it’s on the field and you actually see it with lives reps, or after practice, or off to the side between reps during team drills and we’re talking and then we watch film together. I mean, chemistry grows in a million different ways. To just get those more opportunities on the field you see it, and it’s exciting for sure.”

He elaborated that there’s a lot of things for them to discuss, including different routes and what they see on certain plays and coverages. Every receive is different and has preferences, so building that chemistry is a big part of it.

Wentz admitted that it’s different playing with a guy like DeSean Jackson who has so much speed and trying to anticipate where he’s going to be at the end of a throw. But, it’s exciting at the same time, and that’s why it takes a lot of communication.

The quarterback was also asked later on about the communication he has with his other receivers too, like Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor. Wentz noted that without those conversations that they have before and in-between throws would make the on-field reps a little less valuable. They also make the misses and mistakes worth it, because they are able to talk about why they happened and how they can adjust in the future.

Wentz was also asked about rookie JJ Arcega-Whiteside and how he’s looked this offseason:

“JJ, a guy like Mack Hollins and some of these other guys, we have a lot of guys who can make plays. So getting them reps and seeing what they can do early here in camp is a big part of it, because it’s going to come down to it at the end of the day with who’s getting on the field. Because we got a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of talent.

He looks good, really smart kid, makes plays, big body, great hands.”

Later on, he was asked about that quote and having “a lot of mouths to feed”, but Wentz said that isn’t so much something he has to think about during a game and that the coaches do a good job in game planning to move the ball around. He also mentioned that they have a lot of players who are team guys and not so worried about individual production so long as things are best for the team.

On 12 personnel and offensive weapons

Wentz was asked about how having so many skill players and utilizing 12 personnel will make things easier for him this season.

“It’s tremendous. It makes it a pain in the butt to prepare for us, I would think. It’s going to be fun this year to have Coach designing game plans to get everybody on the field, to get everyone touches, to spread the ball around.

For me, it makes my job way easier. To know whether we’re 11-pers, 12-pers, we can go 13, we can put a couple running backs out there. I mean, we got talent everywhere, and guys that I’ve worked with in the past and that I trust a lot. So, my job is just going to be to spread the love, and get the ball out and let those guys make their plays.”

On the new RBs

The quarterback was asked about what stood out to him so far about his two new running backs, Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard:

“First of all, they’re both great guys, good locker room guys. It’s always hard to fully evaluate running backs until we get in preseason get in games where they’re getting hit, bouncing off tackles and those things.

But, Jordan has a track record in this league of being that physical, downhill runner, and doing it very effectively. So I’m excited about that. And the presence that he brings in that backfield.

And then Miles, coming out of school he’s got as impressive of a college tape as there is. The way he can create space in the hole and jump cut, and do some things, I’m really excited to see him keep developing in this offense.”

Wentz was then asked if some of those unknowns at this time, make it even nicer to have Darren Sproles back — a guy who they know what he can do and what they’re getting. The QB emphasized what he said last week about being really excited that Sproles re-signed, not only for the abilities he brings to the field, but also to be that veteran leader in the locker room and to the running back group.

On 3rd downs

It’s been brought up a couple of times about the team’s success on third downs in 2017 and how that took a dip last season, but Wentz — and Doug Pederson — mentioned on Monday that third down and redzone plays are something they all focus on in the offseason.

Wentz said a lot of the differences come down to communication and availability of plays, but that’s all behind them, and moving into the 2019 season they have playmakers who can stretch the field in those 3rd-and-long situations, and the offensive line gives him plenty of time to make plays, so he’s excited for the potential this year.

Other notables

Wentz talked about the heart-warming moment with a young fan on Friday. The QB said moments like those are super humbling for him, especially coming after a long, hot practice, and you’re tired but you get to see those kids who inspire him and remind him that it’s so much more than football.

The QB also talked a bit about how his leadership role has grown organically over the years, and that just comes with having more experience and no longer being the young guy on the team.

Wentz mentioned again that Nate Sudfeld looks great this offseason, and the two of them have been close since they became teammates.

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