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One year after ranking No. 3 overall, Carson Wentz barely makes the NFL Top 100 in 2019

Big drop.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Network’s annual summer filler content — the NFL Top 100 — is back for another year. As you’ll recall, the list is determined by votes from current players around the league.

One Philadelphia Eagles player has been unveiled in the rankings so far: Carson Wentz at No. 96 overall. Yep, that’s a 93 spot drop from his No. 3 overall ranking last year at this time.

You can [click here] to watch the entire NFLN clip on Wentz. Here’s a look at what some of his NFL peers had to say.

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly

“He’s like exactly what you want in a quarterback as far as size-wise. He’s athletic, he’s strong, he’s not afraid of contact. And I think that really allows him to sit in there, shut them off, and deliver the ball under pressure. [...] A lot of guys we talk about are ultra competitive. He’s got that gene.

Former Eagles and current Jaguars linebacker Najee Goode

“My guy Carson, he’s like that weird animal you see in the zoo that you don’t know what he is, but he can move and everything like that because he’s so long. And that’s a compliment. He’s elusive and he’s actually a lot stronger than what you think. Bigger quarterbacks like Big Roethlisberger, they aren’t as elusive as he is. We had him on a blitz [when I was with the Colts in 2018], and he got out of it. He made a hell of a play, man. Even on Darius [Leonard’s] sack that he had when he jumped on [Wentz’s] back, Darius was like, ‘It was like tackling a horse.’ He jumped on him and the ref blew the whistle. There’s a lot of times where you see that cat and you think he’s down but he’s not. He can actually throw when he’s getting pressured. That was one thing I saw that didn’t change from before the injury to after the injury.”

Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels

“When Drew [Brees], and Tom [Brady], and Aaron [Rodgers], and those guys retire, Carson’s going to be, like, THE quarterback. When you talk about top quarterbacks, you mention my name,’ and that’s how he plays. And he’s already an elite quarterback.”

Wentz coming in at No. 96 shows you at least some of the league is sleeping on him. It’s not shocking that he fell from No. 3 after his 2018 season but, like, 93 spots? That’s steep.

Wentz has a big opportunity in front of him this year to prove his doubters wrong in 2019. The pressure is on.

100: Eric Weddle, Rams
99: Derrick Henry, Titans
98: Tyler Lockett, Seahawks
97: Byron Jones, Cowboys
96: Carson Wentz, Eagles
95: Kyle Fuller, Bears
94: Mitchell Schwartz, Chiefs
93: T.J. Watt, Steelers
92: Jurrell Casey, Titans
91: Andrew Whitworth, Rams

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