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How Eagles fans are feeling about the state of the roster heading into 2019

Spoiler: It’s not bad.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Bleeding Green Nation’s training camp position preview series is over, let’s look back at the confidence poll results. The following is a ranking of the positions that Philadelphia Eagles fans feel most confident in:

1 - Tight end
2 - Defensive tackle
3 - Wide receiver
4 - Offensive line
5 - Quarterback
6 - Special teams
7 - Running back
8 - Safety
9 - Cornerback
10 - Defensive end
11 - Linebacker

Some thoughts:

  • No surprise to see tight end finish at No. 1. The Eagles have really strong depth there with Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. Richard Rodgers is a solid third option as well.
  • The trio of Fletcher Cox, Malik Jackson, and Timmy Jernigan have Eagles fans feeling good about the interior defensive line. It’s a different story with the edge rushers, however. There’s concern about the Eagles’ defensive end depth with Chris Long and Michael Bennett no longer around. So much so that people are actually feeling a little better about the team’s unsettled cornerback situation.
  • Carson Wentz’s injury history and the absence of Nick Foles are giving people some pause about their quarterback confidence.
  • People are a lot more confident in the Eagles’ offense than their defense. Five of the top seven positions on this list come from offense.
  • Despite Nigel Bradham returning and the addition of Zach Brown, linebacker is inspiring the least amount of confidence. Even then, fans seems to have moderate expectations as opposed to outright panic.
  • On that last note, there’s no position on the roster that fans are totally freaking out about. The highest percentage of a “2” vote came in at only 6%. The highest percentage of a “1” vote came in at 2%. Ergo, Eagles fans are feeling really good about this roster heading into 2019. As they should be.
  • Here’s a position-by-position recap of the series in case you missed them: Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | Offensive line | Defensive end | Defensive tackle | Linebacker | Cornerback | Safety | Special teams.
  • See below for the poll results of each position.












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