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Eagles News: Jaws thinks Philadelphia can go 14-2 in the 2019 regular season

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/15/19.

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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Ron Jaworski believes the Philadelphia Eagles could soar to 14 wins - PennLive
So, after a brief assessment of his “up and down” skill set on the course, naturally the Eagles’ Hall of Famer broke down Philadelphia’s current roster and the team’s outlook for the fast-approaching NFL season. “Jaws” is all in. “The Eagles are a very, very good football team. You look at this roster from top to bottom and you look at the depth chart. You can’t find a blemish,” Jaworski said. “Veterans players. All-Pro players. There are well-coached players on both sides of the football with [head coach] Doug Pederson on the offensive side and [defensive coordinator] Jim Schwartz on the defensive side. The kicking game is strong. It’s really a good football team that I think can win 14 games this year.”

The Eagles have a real intriguing defensive tackle trio - BGN
Malik Jackson was the Eagles’ most expensive offseason acquisition; Philadelphia signed the 29-year-old to a three-year deal worth $30 million ($17 million guaranteed). The Eagles are really counting on Jackson to bounce back following a season where he was benched by the Jaguars for poor run defense. The Eagles are seemingly willing to overlook any run defense deficiencies since Jackson offers juice as a pass rusher. The thought of him lining up next to Cox is really intriguing. Cox is going to draw extra attention and Jackson should be able to take advantage. That is, assuming Jackson isn’t just washed up. He knows he has a lot to prove in 2019. Another thing to consider with Jackson is that he could take some defensive end snaps. The 6-5, 290 pound Jackson has experience playing as a 4-3 edge rusher.

Revamped Run Game - Iggles Blitz
I was re-watching some games recently and focused on Wendell Smallwood. He ran hard. He ran tough. You love his effort. But in the end, he’s just not that talented. [...] Smallwood has 258 career touches. He has six plays of 20 yards or more. Clement only has 174 career touches, but has 10 plays of 20 or more yards. I hate to be critical of Smallwood because I love how hard he plays. He is doing everything he can to succeed. We’ve seen high picks like Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith wash out with less than maximum effort. Smallwood was a late round pick and he’s done everything he can to carve out a role. But this is the NFL. You can’t let settle for try-hard guys. You need to find good players. You want playmakers and difference-makers.

100 Questions: The fantasy outlook for the Philadelphia Eagles - PFF
Counting the playoffs, the Eagles played 18 games in 2018. Five different backs led the team in PPR scoring in at least one game (at least two, in fact), while only Wendell Smallwood led the way more than three times. Three of those backs — Smallwood, Corey Clement, and Josh Adams — are still on the roster (for now at least), and they’re joined by 2018 rookie Boston Scott, 2019 rookie Miles Sanders, and big-name trade acquisition Jordan Howard. What the Eagles’ backfield lacks in star power it more than makes up for in sheer bulk, which might work out for an NFL offense but can be torturous for fantasy. Best guess: Reports are that Sanders needs to work on his pass-blocking. Howard isn’t a pass-catcher. Scott has gotten talks as the next Darren Sproles. Smallwood was the lead man last year almost solely due to attrition. Sanders is going off the board 35th at the position, and at that level, you could argue he’s worth a flyer on the off chance he seizes a big role in the offense. But for my teams, the complications aren’t worth it. If I end up with an Eagles running back on a fantasy roster in 2019 drafts, it’ll be an upset.

Doug Pederson explains what Jordan Howard is bringing to Philadelphia -
Head coach Doug Pederson joins “NFL Total Access” to talk about the team’s situation heading into training camp.

Peyton Manning (Remember Him?) Quarterbacks New TV Series, Mulls Long-Term Life After Football - FMIA
“This has been a journey for me,” said Manning, who is also the executive producer of the series. “I’ve learned a lot about 100 years of football. I thought I knew a lot. There’s been a ton that I did not know. There’s been fascinating stuff. In 1929, when the stock market crashed, a guy named Bert Bell basically lost his tail and what does he do? He goes out and buys a football team for $50,000. Which at the time, is probably the worst investment you could make. A bunch of guys in leather helmets running into each other. That’s what he does. That team, the Frankford Yellowjackets, turns into the Philadelphia Eagles. Bert Bell starts the draft. He gets them to play on Sundays. He puts the blackout rule in. He was kind of a founding pioneer of the NFL.”

How One Agent Is Working to Strengthen Diversity in the NFL’s Head Coaching Ranks - MMQB
RK: We’ve heard you’ve shown your team footage from the wild card loss to the Eagles more than once this offseason. What’s the thinking there? ... MATT NAGY: “Just twice. We watched it at the very first meeting and the last meeting. I want them to remember the hurt. Understand that this year is a new year, but don’t forget what it felt like when we came off that field and how we were in the locker room. I don’t think you’re doing the right thing if you don’t use that as a coaching tool, as a reference, you know? There are so many examples of teams that have had bad things happen to them and come back the next year and do well because of that adversity and experience. I want them to come back here ready. I don’t want them to hang onto that stuff but I want them to use it.”

Megan Rapinoe is a role model - SB Nation
I hope that we don’t make Megan Rapinoe into more than what she is. I hope that we don’t elevate her to something beyond human. Into someone infallible. Once she becomes a hero or a god, once she is seen as a leader of the masses, she will be boxed into a set of behaviors that she must adhere to. She will be confined into conforming into the idea of herself rather than being herself, which will only set up her eventual downfall. Rapinoe is already described in terms that are often considered neutral, but morph into sinister, claustrophobic labels when used by her detractors, such as “patriot” and “role model.” Those detractors seek to denigrate her by painting her as a divisive figure. In an effort to defend her from these attacks, it is vital we do not depict her as a morally perfect being, which will inflict the same damage wrought as those who despise her.


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