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Top reasons why we’re excited about the 2019 Eagles season

What’s got you fired up?

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Philadelphia Eagles training camp is less than two weeks away and there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the upcoming 2019 season. Whereas last week’s BGN Radio episode focused on the “sneaky concerns” about this year’s team, this week’s podcast features Benjamin Solak and myself focusing on the positives [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN]. Read on below for some of the things we’re excited about!

Carson Wentz proving his doubters wrong, again

I’m tired of the Wentz skepticism and hedging. He’s a special talent and if you can’t appreciate that, well, it’s your loss. Wentz is going to have an awesome 2019 season and make people look foolish for doubting him ... just like he’s done in the past. He’s healthy, he’s going to have a full offseason to prepare, and he has a great supporting cast of weapons around him. If you want to live in fear that he’s going to get hurt, that’s your right. But where’s the fun in that? Live a little and dream big. The 2017 season was so much fun when Wentz was on fire and the Eagles were winning. I’m looking forward to getting back to that this year.

DeSean Jackson back in midnight green

I mean, how could you NOT be excited to see No. 10 back out there? Jackson may be turning 33 this season but he’s hardly washed up. He led the league in yards per reception last year and he looked awesome as ever in spring practices. Most importantly, he already seems to have a strong connection with Wentz. Those two are absolutely connecting for a 75-yard touchdown on the first play of the season. How could you possibly envision it any other way?

Interior defensive line disruption

I don’t think we appreciate how crazy it is that Timmy Jernigan is a BACKUP on this team. Jerignan has shown he can be a real force on the onside when healthy. And yet he’s probably only the third guy in the defensive tackle rotation behind Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson. There are some fair concerns about the depth at edge rusher but no such qualms should exist on the interior defensive line. Cox, Jackson, Jernigan are going to wreck shit this year. Opposing quarterbacks are going to be so annoyed with the way the Eagles can push the pocket.

Sweeping the Dallas Cowboys

It’s time for revenge.


Many more reasons to be excited not already mentioned here

A small bit of Wentz news

Ben and BLG getting off topic a number of times

And much more!


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