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Julie Ertz, Carli Lloyd talk Eagles during USWNT celebrations

Julie admits she was more nervous during the Eagles Super Bowl than she was during the World Cup.

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You would think playing on the world’s biggest stage for your second-consecutive World Cup would be stressful for Julie Ertz, but it turns out she was more nervous when the Eagles were up against the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Ertz was on Good Morning Football just hours before Team USA took to the streets for their celebratory parade, and was asked whether it was more nerve-wracking to be on the field in big moments like the World Cup, or in the stands as a fan.

“When they’re out there, honestly, usually I’m pretty fine. I love the Eagles. I love the guys, love their vibe that they have all the time, so I love being there. But, nothing will be as nervous ever in comparison of being at the Super Bowl. Literally, I’ve never sweat so much in my palms in my entire life. It was freezing there, but I was burning up of just excitement. It was an amazing experience.”

For what it’s worth, her husband and Eagles tight end Zach Ertz jumped on the show via FaceTime and agreed that he’s always much more nervous watching Julie play than when he has some semblance of control on the football field.

Julie went on to explain those final seconds before the Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl, and knew that with Tom Brady leading the opposition, anything could happen, according to

”I was standing on the stairs. I was literally out of my seat. [I was told] if you win, the families can go on the field. But it’s Tom Brady, it’s the last second, you have to be aware,” Julie said. “So I’m like basically watching the game with one foot up on the stairs. I’m in the middle, trying not to block anyone, because I was on the complete other side, so I had to like book it over there just to be there in time to go down - in case. It seriously was like a movie, it was so unreal. ... Still it gives me chills.”

The World Cup Champ had to eventually make her way back to her team and the parade route, but Julie wasn’t the only member of the women’s team to show her Eagles fandom on Wednesday. Known Philly fan Carli Lloyd was sure to add “Fly Eagles Fly” to her parade speech.

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