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Washington’s left tackle reportedly doesn’t want to play for them anymore

Looks like it isn’t a financial issue for Trent Williams after all.

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Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

It was previously reported that Washington left tackle Trent Williams was skipping the team’s mandatory minicamp in an effort to demand a new contract, but it looks like that isn’t exactly the case. New reports suggest that his motives have more to do with how the team dealt with a recent medical situation, and the starter is now vowing not to play for the NFC East team.

The seven-time Pro Bowler opted not to play in this year’s exhibition game due to injury, and had offseason surgery to remove a growth from his scalp — just the latest in what has been a growing list of ailments for Williams over the years. Between missing games for knee, elbow and thumb injuries, he hasn’t played a full 16-game season since 2013.

Williams has two more years on what was once the top-paying OL contract in the league, and carries a $14M-plus cap hit for each of the two seasons remaining. He doesn’t hold the highest-earning contract at his position anymore — and he isn’t playing like he should be either — but Washington doesn’t really have anyone else on the roster that could simply move into his role. 2018 third-round pick Geron Christian mightily struggled while filling in for Williams last season.

So, another year, another round of drama for Washington.